May 28, 2024

2016 Study Found Carbon Dioxide Is Greening the Earth


The following is a press release announcing the results of a 2016 study conducted by NASA. The study, which was published in the journal Nature Climate Change found that increased concentrations of carbon dioxide increase photosynthesis, which in turn spurs plant growth.

Using information from the long-term satellite leaf area index (LAI), the study shows that 70% of the greening effect is due to carbon dioxide fertilization. Meanwhile, nitrogen accounted for only 9% of the process.

Shilong Piao, co-author of the study says, “Other studies have reported an increasing carbon sink on land since the 1980s, which is entirely consistent with the idea of a greening Earth”.

Editor’s Note: Even though the results of the study showed nature is evolving to respond to the increase in carbon emissions, “climate scientists” still prefer a human-initiated solution that is riddled with unintended consequences [read this article to understand the Net Zero and Carbon Neutrality initiatives.

While these initiatives are in theory, desirable, when governments ban entire industries all in the guise of a “climate emergency”, they are creating new crises that will have wide-ranging impacts on the lives of regular citizens [see 70,000 Czechs Take To The Streets To Protest Rising Energy Prices, EU and NATO, and EU Climate Change Plans, California Gas Car Ban Shows What’s Wrong With Impulsive Climate Change Policies, Canada, Ireland Issue Climate Restrictions Similar To The Netherlands, Netherlands move to shut down farms to meet climate goals, What Happens If We Just Stopped Oil? Six Billion Might Die, Says Experts, Global Green Solutions Will Push Us Towards A Global Food Crisis].

While it is true that human activity must achieve a balance with nature, perhaps if we just stopped to appreciate the intelligence of nature, then we will be able to find low-impact solutions that do not require the crackdown on freedom [see how the climate emergency can impinge on freedom, read 15-Minute Cities: From COVID Lockdowns to Climate Lockdowns, UN Partners With Google To Control Climate Change Narrative, Says, “We Own The Science”, Are We Nearing Climate Lockdowns?, Globalists are Exploiting Climate Change Fears for Global Financial Control].

Carbon neutrality and net zero is a myth. It is part of the attempt to destroy life on earth, and promote a non-carbon-based existence [Read Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore on the devastating impact of Net Zero. Also, read The Ultimate Goal of the WEF is to Control and Change Life on Earth].

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3 thoughts on “2016 Study Found Carbon Dioxide Is Greening the Earth

  1. Blaming livestock for any harm to the earth is…. shockingly ignorant.

    Grade school science textbooks used to have illustrations:
    -the sun and the clouds in the sky, giving sunlight and rain to the plants and animals
    -cattle and other herbivores grazing on the plants, mowing and pruning and fertilizing them,
    – with insects buzzing around, pollinating flowers and feeding birds,
    -and the Soil Food Web of life below the soil surface, earthworms and insects and fungi and microbes,
    -with predators keeping herbivore numbers in balance,
    all playing their role in the endless Cycles of Life.

    Read ‘1491’ and discover that there were more bison, from coast to coast, both plains and wood bison,
    then than there are cattle and bison in North America now.
    Plus elk so numerous along the East Coast that rivers and towns there were named for them.
    Whitetails so plentiful that their hides were used like money, giving us the word for a dollar, ‘buck’.
    Remember learning that wagontrains headed west in the 1800s sometime had to stop for a day, or two, or three
    waiting for buffalo/bison herds to pass before they could go on?

    Plus caribou in what is now northern New England, New York, and several other northern States, and
    Quebec, New Brunswick, etc in addition to the farther north habitat we think of when we think of caribou.

    Bighorn and Dall sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, antelope, moose… all the animals mentioned here have the
    SAME KIND OF DIGESTION as cattle. As do llamas, guanco, alpacas, vicuna, etc in South America, wisent,
    moose, red deer, reindeer, ibex, chamois, etc in Europe, camels, water buffalo, yaks… eland, gazelle, giraffes,
    Cape buffalo… All now a fraction of their numbers 250 years ago. Which was a fraction of their numbers
    500 years ago, or a few thousand years ago.

    (And why blame ‘cows’? Why not steers and bulls. There are fewer bulls, but slightly more male calves are born
    each year than heifers, most of those becoming steers.)

    Plants and herbivore animals co-evolved. They need each other to thrive.

    Nature does not care if we label one species ‘wild’ and another ‘domestic’.
    Those are just labels we made up.
    What matters is the role in the ecology of the biosphere that each animal fills.

    Support the independent family owned and operated farms in your area –
    while we still have a choice.

  2. And yes- the animals exhale CO2 – which the plants take in, and using the most efficient solar panels ever devised – green leaves – and rain, they make carbohydrates, giving of the oxygen we breathe as a by-product.

    Carbon dioxide is NOT A POLLUTANT. It is a nutrient in the Cycles of Life.

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