April 12, 2024

Are We Nearing Climate Lockdowns?


The following is an opinion piece written by Kristin Tate and published by The Hill last February 2, 2022.

In this article, Tate introduces the possibility of climate lockdowns. She says, “COVID allowed for supposedly temporary measures to morph into two years of ‘emergency’ restrictions. But what if COVID was only the opening act, and another proclaimed crisis is the main event?”

She goes on to imagine what climate lockdowns could look like and how people who speak against draconian policies imposed in the name of climate change could be systemically ostracized and discriminated against by their own communities [we already have a taste of this kind of discrimination, see Twitter blocks link to mainstream news article questioning COVID death statistics in UK, DuckDuckGo Adopts Policies of Google, Will ‘Down-Rank’ What It Decides Is ‘Disinformation’, The Deep Entanglement of Big Tech, Media, and Pfizer, Countries Weaponize “Anti-Misinformation” Laws to Silence Social Media Users Amid Pandemic of Vaccinated. See more articles at Censorship & Big Tech Control].

Editor’s Note: Government overreach continues to intensify. Today, governments are trying to shut down farms in the name of saving the environment. They are also controlling energy usage all in the guise of “conserving energy”. Who knows what they’re going to do next?

Is it so difficult to imagine that governments will push their own agenda, regardless of the suffering it may cause their citizens?

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