June 20, 2024

Twitter blocks link to mainstream news article questioning COVID death statistics in UK


In this March 20, 2022 article for Reclaim the Net, Christina Maas reports on a recent censorship effort launched by Twitter against an article written by Eve Simmons, the UK Daily Mail’s deputy health editor discussing the issues in COVID death reporting.

According to Maas, Twitter has attached a “Warning: this link may be unsafe” tag which users see when they try to go to the link. Maas says, “Twitter’s URL blocking feature is often used for articles that are thought to be a security risk or for URLs that pose a phishing attack risk. Yet, this URL is to a prominent mainstream media article and isn’t the type of warning that Twitter usually uses to try and discredit a news story; it tends to favor ‘misinformation’ labels for that.”

A few minutes after the Reclaim the Net published its article, Twitter removed the warning tag.

Editor’s Note: While we have not been publishing about censorship in mainstream media in the past months, it does not mean that censorship has stopped [Also read CCH is Experiencing Censorship. Here is How to Follow the Latest CCH News and Episodes.]. On the contrary, it is alive, thriving, and expanding. Maybe the main difference now is that there are no outright “misinformation” tags when posting about COVID because the main priority for these Big Tech companies has switched to other topics (for example, Ukraine and the woke culture).

As this article has shown us, Big Tech has found other, more creative ways of censoring information. As this trend continues, information that is important for our advocacy may easily fall into the cracks, and people might end up thinking that all is over. They are trying to make us “irrelevant” by promoting narratives that support our position, while at the same time glossing over the pertinent details of the issue. For example, we are now seeing articles accepting that natural immunity works, but very few news outlets would outright say that this was known since the very beginning of the “pandemic” and that natural immunity is more powerful than the vaccines, hence, there was no viable reason to spend billions of dollars for useless vaccines.

Even as the facts they hid in 2020 are now being allowed out in the open in 2022, the pandemic narrative is still alive and well because there are still people who believe that the lockdowns saved lives, school closures are necessary, and vaccines were the only way out of the “pandemic”. We think that the narrative is being maintained because they need us to continue operating in a state of panic, hence hijacking our capacity to ask questions and think critically [see Maajid Nawaz: COVID is a military-grade psychological operation launched by countries on their citizens, Scientists admit: Use of fear to control behavior during the COVID crisis was totalitarian, Fear appeal: The science of using fear to manipulate people into submission].

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