May 28, 2024

CCH is Experiencing Censorship. Here is How to Follow the Latest CCH News and Episodes.


Dear Friends,

Before anything else, thank you so much for following us on Facebook. We appreciate your interest in keeping yourself updated on the latest national and global developments.

Because of this, I want to share with you this important news. The live stream of our Public Seminar Series at Facebook (FB) has been heavily banned now for over a month. They are even banning episodes that were not forbidden before. They have now banned seven (7) of our Episodes, including the last four. In the latter, they ban it a few minutes after the live stream. These bans also extend to some infographics that we have uploaded. Furthermore, our FB administrator has been in FB “jail” cumulatively for many weeks.

Of course, it is obvious that FB does not want you to know the truth about crucial developments in COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, and the accelerated implementation of the “Great Reset” all over the world. The FB bans are a sign that we here at CCH are doing our job well.

As we have explained many times, the New World Order (NWO) behind the Great Reset aims to depopulate the world. To normalize tyrannical control over citizens (who survive the genocide) by installing the social credit system and its 24/7 surveillance now writ large in China, destroy democracies and replace this with a governance system run by the world’s largest corporations. Also, to usher in trans-humanism where human beings are “hacked” and slowly but surely transformed into machines powered by artificial intelligence, and finally terminate the human species once the NWO has transferred human consciousness into machines, or so they believe.

Mandatory vaccines and forced lockdowns are only the first stages of this grand plan by these psychopaths. The other items of their agenda are now quietly being installed behind the veil of the war in Ukraine, which is now the focus of world attention.

We want to be of service to your search for truth. We want you to arrive at your own independently determined objective truth by providing you with a different set of facts. We want to free you from the mass manipulation and psychological warfare that Mainstream Media (MSM) and Big Tech have unleashed against you.

Unfortunately, we may not be able to do this for long for reasons we already explained above. It is only a matter of time before FB will de-platform our FB Page because we are unwilling to be subjugated by their dictatorial censorship policies, which are becoming more irrational and hysterical, as we have shown in our recent Episodes.

In light of all this, we have a simple request from you. While retaining your FB account, kindly follow us to our Telegram channel: Covid Call to Humanity (CCH1333).

Meanwhile, we will research alternative platforms that do not censor and have all the functionalities of Facebook. We will immediately inform you about this when we have one.

In addition, kindly bookmark our Rumble Channel at Covid Call to Humanity. In this way, you will not miss out on any of our weekly Public Seminar Episodes. You can find the complete collection of videos of our Episodes and more on our Rumble Channel. FB has banned many of these.

Of course, subscribe FOR FREE at our Covid Call to Humanity website at We have over 1,500 news and analysis articles there on Covid and related matters. 

Massive fast-paced developments are engulfing the world. I hope you can follow all these with us. We have the most comprehensive Internet presence for Filipinos wanting to chart their truth and their response to world events freely. Together we can change our future for the better.

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