June 20, 2024

The following article was published by Current Affairs last August 2, 2022. It interviews Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and chair of the COVID-19 commission organized by The Lancet.

The report states, “Prof. Sachs has come to the conclusion that there is extremely dangerous biotechnology research being kept from public view, that the United States was supporting much of this research, and that it is very possible that SARS-CoV-2…originated through dangerous virus research gone awry”.

Sachs has recently co-authored a paper calling for an independent inquiry into the virus’ origins. He also believes that there is proof that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and members of the scientific community in the US are “impeding a serious investigation of the origins of COVID-19 and deflecting attention away from the hypothesis that risky US-supported research may have led to millions of deaths”.

The article tries to uncover how Sachs came to his conclusion, as well as explore the implications if we find out that COVID was indeed a lab creation.

Editor’s Note: This article is once again, proof that health agencies and governments are part of a huge conspiracy against humanity. Not only are they preventing the truth about the origin of COVID from coming out – but they have also forced people into taking bioweapons and censored legitimate concerns about its dangers. [See US Federal Government Secretly Paid Media to Promote COVID Shots, Top infectious disease expert in UK reveals anomalous practices in deciding country’s pandemic response, The Deep Entanglement of Big Tech, Media, and Pfizer, Countries Weaponize “Anti-Misinformation” Laws to Silence Social Media Users Amid Pandemic of Vaccinated, Incriminating emails show Fauci in collusion with Big Tech, Big Pharma, mainstream media, and CDC].

On its own, this article already reveals that the US scientific community is embroiled in deep corruption. [See Scientists at FDA: US Public Health Officials, Not Following Science].

It also means that there exists a technology that can create diseases that could potentially ravage our communities [Compared to other gain-of-function research, COVID is tame, read Confidential documents reveal plans for massive bioweapon attacks, Lab just made a more dangerous SARS-CoV-2 strain, Scientists quit board to pressure journal into retracting study showing COVID vaccines can kill].

Now combine the information in this article with that of Health Officials Admit Bill Gates Runs The World, and you will realize just how important it is that we find out the true origins of this “pandemic”.

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