May 30, 2024

Canada, Ireland Issue Climate Restrictions Similar To The Netherlands


In this July 25, 2022 article for The Epoch Times, Petr Svab reports new policies being rolled out by Canada and Ireland which will force farmers to cut carbon emissions which farmers say could affect food production [Also read Netherlands move to shut down farms to meet climate goals and European Farmers Rise Up Against Government Tyranny]

According to Svab, the Canadian federal government has set the goal of cutting emissions from synthetic fertilizer use by 30% by 2030, but provincial officials say that the provinces have not been consulted “on what is achievable or attainable”.

Meanwhile, in Ireland, Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue is reported to have agreed to a 27 or 28% carbon emission reduction goal for his sector. Irish Farmers Association President Tim Cullinan said that the plan would cause “significantly reduced production” and could potentially “devastate the farming sector in Ireland”.

Editor’s Note: We agree that the use of chemical fertilizers must be eliminated from agriculture, but we think that a viable and better alternative must be presented before its full phase out.

Moreover, governments should look at the pros and cons of their climate targets and not just pluck figures from the air. As the report states, creating these drastic changes in agriculture without the accompanying step-by-step plan to veer the sector away from chemical fertilizers is dangerous for food security and food sovereignty.

We think that if governments only bothered to consult with farmers before imposing climate targets, then farmers would have been able to create better solutions that work for the environment, the economy, and society.

These impositions being made by Canada, Ireland, and the Netherlands are authoritarian in nature and are coming from a space of distrust and disrespect for humanity.

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