June 20, 2024

Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore on the devastating impact of Net Zero


In this 50-minute interview with Patrick Moore, a founding member of Greenpeace, he discusses the negative implications of the push for NetZero. He first tells us his reasons for leaving Greenpeace and goes on to break down the mass psychosis surrounding carbon dioxide.

He slams the science being used to justify the climate change agenda and says, “They just put the number they want into it and come up with the numbers they want…that [CO2 increase] would not be a problem, there is no possibility that it will be a CO2 problem…and yet they make it out as if the earth is coming to an end as a result of that. They’re just wrong about everything. The fact is, CO2 is the most important substance for life.”

Editor’s Note: The only way people will understand Moore’s issue with climate hysteria is if one also understands that those who are pushing for NetZero are the same people who are rooting for transhumanism. As Moore said, CO2 is the most important substance for life, without it, there can be no carbon-based evolution. The goal of transhumanists is to be able to control life – to create a body that is indestructible.

If there is not enough carbon on earth, organic life cannot be sustained. Moreover, the current narrative about climate change has created so much disdain for human beings that we are now hearing young adults saying that the world will be a much better place without humanity. How did this happen?

Learn about the climate hysteria, by reading this article introducing what NetZero is. We also encourage you to read Patrick Moore’s 2015 paper, The Positive Impact of Human CO2 Emissions on the Survival of Life on Earth. Also watch this series of videos about transhumanism for context Public Seminar Episode 31: Transhumanism 101: Know about it. Your Life Depends on it Part , Public Seminar Episode 32: Transhumanism 101: Know It! Your Life Depends on It Part 2, Public Seminar Episode 34: Transhumanism, 21st Century Science, Christ and the Resurrection of Humanity. Also watch Public Seminar Episode 33 : Covid, 21st Century Science, Christ and the Resurrection of Humanity to fully understand the war waged by materialistic science against humanity.

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