July 22, 2024

UN Partners With Google To Control Climate Change Narrative, Says, “We Own The Science”

UN Partners With Google To Control Climate Change Narrative, Says, “We Own The Science”

The following article was published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) last September 30, 2022. It is a transcript of one session at the Sustainable Development Impact Meetings held last September 19-23, 2022.

The article features the transcript and the full-length video of the conversation between Melissa Fleming, Undersecretary General for Global Communications at the United Nations (UN), Adrian Monck, Managing Director at WEF, Rachel Smolkin, Senior Vice President of Global News at CNN Digital, and Claire Wardle, Professor at Brown University School of Public Health.

Some of the most notable statements from this session include the following:

  • Fleming admits that the UN has partnered with Google to control the climate narrative, saying, “We’re becoming much more proactive. We own the science and we think that the world should know it”.
  • Fleming also said that the UN has engaged with influencers to get its messaging across because “they were much more trusted than the United Nations”.
  • Monck said, that CNN “is part of a political war on who owns the narrative”.
  • Wardle and Fleming admit that trust in media institutions is in decline.
  • Wardle claims, “this idea that all speech is equal is not true”.

The panel also discussed the various strategies they employed to control the narrative which included pushing the social media platforms to give institutions “ad credits” which can be used to push for their chosen narrative, and censorship.

Editor’s Note: This article is essential because it shows the critical role that information plays in the success or failure of the Great Reset.

This is further highlighted by Tim Hincliffe in another article reacting to the “We Own The Science” statement by Fleming. Hincliffe said:

Owning the science leads to owning the narrative.

Owning the narrative means controlling thought and speech

Controlling thought and speech means the end of free society.

We encourage you to read this article for those who want to know the globalist narrative.

This WEF session cited below is indicative of several things.

  • Several global institutions are “collaborating” to manufacture “authoritative” sources of information and to push for a certain narrative that the same institutions have agreed on. These organizations involved in the panel discussion are from private institutions that hold no accountability, and yet here they are trying to determine what kinds of thoughts and ideas are acceptable.
  • These institutions are operating on the belief that not everyone should be afforded the right to free speech. This stems from a culture of intolerance, and arrogance, where the “elites” and the “educated” are seen as “better citizens” compared to their “lowly” counterparts.
  • To believe that adults need information “supervised” is a sheer disrespect for the human being’s capacity for critical thinking.
  • The globalists are no longer hiding their desire for controlling the narrative. This could be an indication of their deep influence on our institutions.
  • The globalists are failing at programming people into accepting that the “authority” of institutions. Though it is true that there are large numbers of people who are brainwashed by these globalists, the number of people who are awake to the truth is still substantial and cannot be ignored.

All freedom fighters must realize this: by coopting mainstream media and Big Tech, these globalists want us to think that we are alone and helpless.

But we are not. People are awakening, and we can further help them see the truth if we continue with our work. We must have faith in the capacity of humanity to intuit what is real and what is not.

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