June 16, 2024

15-Minute Cities: From COVID Lockdowns to Climate Lockdowns


In this 37-minute interview with Epoch Times journalist Jan Jekielek, Christine Anderson, member of the European Parliament representing the Alternative German Party talks about how governments used the COVID scam to “break people” into conforming to irrational policies. She traces how governments systematically manipulated their citizens into accepting the draconian COVID policies, and later on, becoming willing participants in widespread discrimination of anyone who dared to question the government.

Anderson says, “There’s a lot of people that would like to think that they would’ve been in the resistance back then [the Holocaust]. Take a look at what you did in the last three years and you have your answer. Most of the people would not have been in the resistance back then, because they just went right along with everything the government asked them to do”.

Anderson believes that the experience of the COVID lockdowns has emboldened governments to develop and implement policies creating 15-minute cities. She comments, “…there is no other way for me to say this. It will be a complete impoverishment and enslavement of all the people.”

Editor’s Note: If people only looked at the patterns and the evidence available at face value, then it will be easy to come to the same conclusion as we have, as Christine Anderson, and millions of other freedom fighters around the world, have. People who see the evidence and continue to believe that the draconian policies of the past three years were justified are lying to themselves.

Just as we have predicted in the past, the COVID scam is now morphing into an entirely new area of challenge. It is paving the way for the total enslavement of humanity. The concern is no longer just about the loss of national sovereignty. It has now escalated to a war against humans and our humanity.

For freedom fighters who continue to be branded as “conspiracy theorists” even though a majority of our predictions have already come true, take heed of what Anderson said. Our governments, the globalists, the anti-human, will continue to ostracize us in the hopes of silencing others who might dare to question their evil intentions.

But if we stand our ground, and if we continue to speak our highest truth, then no one can silence us. On the contrary, as these anti-human entities intensify their war on humanity, more and more people will awaken to the truth. As all tyrannical regimes in the past have found out – the great awakening of humanity is inevitable.

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