April 17, 2024

Globalists are Exploiting Climate Change Fears for Global Financial Control


This August 4, 2023 article republished by Panda discusses the exploitation of climate change concerns for global financial gain. It highlights how some financial institutions and corporations are capitalizing on environmental fears by investing in green initiatives and sustainable projects as a way to boost their public image and profits. The piece underscores the importance of discerning genuine efforts to combat climate change from those motivated primarily by financial interests. It encourages readers to critically evaluate the actions of organizations claiming to address climate issues and to promote transparency in environmental initiatives.

Editor’s Note: While we think that it is important for humans to go back to lifestyles that will conserve nature, the solutions being promoted by the West will be as destructive as the issues they want to address. They are also anti-human since many of the solutions being proposed will lead to massive loss of livelihood, not to mention the fact that subscribing to the NetZero model will put many countries under the control of multinational corporations.

We think that it is important to also look at the pros and cons of any solution being proposed, and the impacts of such solutions on humanity and our civilization must be assessed.

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