June 25, 2024

A clandestine experiment aimed at increasing cloud cover and combating global warming launched from a decommissioned aircraft carrier in the San Francisco Bay. The project, known as the Coastal Atmospheric Aerosol Research and Engagement (CAARE), involves spraying microscopic salt particles into the air to enhance the reflectivity of marine clouds. Led by researchers at the University of Washington and supported by the advocacy group SilverLining, the experiment has sparked concerns about its potential ecological and societal impacts. While proponents emphasize transparency and scientific advancement, critics argue that the risks of interfering with nature are significant and should not be overlooked. The secrecy surrounding the experiment has raised questions about public engagement and regulatory oversight in the emerging field of solar radiation modification, which remains controversial due to its uncertain consequences and ethical implications.

Editor’s Note: What other geoengineering projects are there? We know that as early as 2014, China has already built the world’s largest geoengineering research program, which they claim could counteract climate change. By 2020, it was reported that China had wanted its weather modification program to cover half of the country. With a massive budget from the government, it will not be a surprise if China has already overtaken its goal. The bigger question now is how much progress has been achieved by geoengineering research.

This is important to know, especially as several countries are now experiencing unusual weather. [Here are some examples: Dubai flights canceled, schools and offices shut as rain pelts UAE just weeks after deadly floods, Over 100 Philippine Towns in State of Calamity Amid Drought, Extreme weather events in the last year, Arctic blast continues to sweep entire US setting record-low temperatures, Farmers warn of first year without harvest since Second World War].

What is the possibility that these extreme weather events being experienced in the world are geoengineering experiments and not climate change? [Several experts say that the science of climate change is not real, read Climate Experts Say Climate Change Is Based on Faulty Temperature Data, Nobel Prize Winner Cancelled by IMF After Denouncing Climate Change Alarmism, More Climate Scientists Chime In: Higher CO2 Levels Not A Problem, Here’s The Growing List of Failed Forecasts By “Climate Experts”, 2016 Study Found Carbon Dioxide Is Greening the Earth, New study suggests global warming could be mostly an urban problem].

If these geoengineering projects were for the benefit of the world, then why the need for secrecy?

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