February 22, 2024

Nobel Prize Winner Cancelled by IMF After Denouncing Climate Change Alarmism


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has canceled the talk of Nobel Prize laureate Dr. John Clauser following his criticism of the “climate change” agenda. In a statement released by the CO2 Coalition, the IMF had sent an email to Clauser saying that his July 25 Zoom Talk was “summarily and immediately canceled”.

Patrick Moore, a former Greenpeace activist and also a member of the CO2 Coalition insinuated that Clauser’s talk is effectively cancelled. Clauser made headlines after his talk at Quantum Korea 2023 where he said that he didn’t “believe that there is a climate crisis”.

Dr. Clauser received the Nobel Prize for his work on quantum mechanics. He is the second Nobel laureate to sign the Clintel World Climate Declaration which has a central message that “there is no climate emergency”.

Editor’s Note: This, dear friends, is how “they” are able to build “scientific consensus”. They cancel the equally credible scientists who take contrarian positions from the mainstream narrative, even when these scientists can provide proof that could dismantle the mainstream view. In this sense, modern science is a religion. It is no longer based on evidence, but rather, on belief.

If the climate change position was so strong, why won’t IMF and other international organizations allow scientific debate? This is just like the COVID period – these organizations want you to believe their version of the truth and will not tolerate anyone who will question their version. Who made them guardians of “truth”? And who gave them the capacity to decide what is true and what is not?

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