April 20, 2024

We were right: Pfizer Ineffective Among Children


According to an article published in The Epoch Times, a Pfizer-funded study has shown poor effectiveness for the COVID-19 vaccine in young children. The study suggests that the vaccine may not provide the expected level of protection against the virus in this particular age group.

Editor’s Note: This fact has already been known by many doctors and scientists as early as 2021, but has been ignored by countries [see Florida breaks with CDC: No COVID vaccine for healthy children, Group of Senior Doctors and Scientists Call on JCVI to Pause Roll out of COVID Vaccines to Children 5 to 11 years].

Ignoring the uselessness of the COVID shots would have been forgivable if these were completely ineffectual. The problem is that these shots are dangerous, and have actually harmed many children [see COVID Vaccines Would Kill 117 Children Aged Five to 11-Year-Olds in Order to Save One Child Dying from COVID, Latest VAERS report shows increased vaccine injuries among children, Recent VAERS Data Shows COVID Vaccines Harm Children, PAO Lawyer: DOH Is Hiding Truth About The Dangers Of The COVID Vaccine on Children. Also read Expert evidence regarding the use of Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine for children, FDA Detects Serious Safety Signal for COVID-19 Vaccination Among Children].

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