May 30, 2024

Doctors are saying that it is harder to distinguish who among their patients is suffering from allergies or the common cold, and who has COVID. This article from The Daily Mail explores this topic.

In one interview, a doctor said, “Just about [every Covid patient] who I’ve seen has had really mild symptoms. The only way we knew it was Covid was because we happened to be testing them”.

Despite this, however, the article says that “doctors hope enough people get vaccinated to help another ‘tripledemic’”.

Editor’s Note: We are flabbergasted by the audacity of the author of this article to think that people will still be stupid enough to take new shots when COVID is no longer an issue. But then again, there are people who still can’t believe that the COVID hysteria is over.

Read How COVID Testing Strategy Will Extend Pandemic Scare, Sweden: PCR cannot be used for diagnosis and Manitoba Government Chief Microbiologist: 56% of positive “cases” are not infectious, but products of misleading RT-PCR tests to remember how they used testing to manufacture the COVID scamdemic. Mark our words: they will use this strategy again, and people who have not learned to discern will once again be duped into giving up their freedom and future for “safety”.

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