May 26, 2024

Western Australia Wants To Make Its Tyrannical COVID-19 Provisions Permanent


The following article was written by James Roguski and was published via Substack last October 12, 2022.

In it, Roguski offers a number of resources to help citizens in Western Australia and around the world to understand the impacts of the proposed amendments to the Temporary COVID-19 Provisions to civil rights and public health.

The bill is being pushed to “provide a legislative framework” that will enable the government to manage COVID-19 when the emergency declarations end.

Some of the provisions in the bill enable the government to force people to take experimental “vaccines” and to submit to COVID tests. The bill will also allow the government to forcefully quarantine people, shut off public utilities, and take people’s fuel, food, electricity, and water, among others. Provisions to fine non-compliant individuals and the legal use of military power against civilians to force compliance to government directives have also been added to the bill.

Editor’s Note: As the truth about the experimental COVID shots can no longer be stopped, governments are reverting to what they think are “unchallenged” lies they have established in the past two years.

The proposed amendments to the Emergency Management Act are based on the false idea that the draconian policies implemented by governments worked. It assumes that by curtailing civil liberties and freedoms, governments can control the spread of any disease. Needless to say, this has already been dispelled many times [see Lockdown Ideology Is A Menace To Society, Lockdown and Vaccine Narrative Has Fallen Apart, Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis destroys the Covid lockdown narrative, No reason for draconian restrictions: WHO Report on Excess Mortality Proves Once Again That Sweden Was Right, African experience proves countries “mishandled” COVID, Wellcome: Time to Live with COVID and Treat Virus Like the Common Cold].

The only reason that governments are pushing for the legalization of tyranny is that they think that citizens are now primed to accept any directive from the government. They are relying on the frailties of human beings and the power of fear to control our societies [see Fear appeal: The science of using fear to manipulate people into submission, Our fear of the coronavirus will change the world].

They have done it before, so it will no longer be a surprise if they do it again. And while the article below is only referring to Western Australia, if this kind of abuse flourishes there, it will only be a matter of time before it reaches our own shores [we must not forget about how they used draconian policies despite established science showing that these do not work, see Will the real WHO please stand up? Also, read Dr. Russel Blaylock: COVID Is Most Manipulated Infectious Disease In History].

How then do we make ourselves resilient against this manipulation?

Here is an important resource written by Nicanor Perlas in 2020. Its message is even more important as we navigate a world that is increasingly being programmed to live without freedoms, read END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us. Also read Western Militaries Developed New Forms of Warfare, Wages Battle For The Brain, Maajid Nawaz: COVID is a military-grade psychological operation launched by countries on their citizens, Military leaders used propaganda on Canadians during the pandemic, Scientists admit: Use of fear to control behavior during the COVID crisis was totalitarian].

We also recommend you watch Public Seminar Episode 49:Officials Admit Covid A Scam. Resistance Intensifies, Achieves Big Victories. New World Order Criminals Desperate. to understand how our individual awakening to the COVID lies can help prevent the systematic overthrow of human rights and civil liberties.

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