June 14, 2024

Dr. Russel Blaylock: COVID Is Most Manipulated Infectious Disease In History


The following article was written by Dr. Russel Blaylock and was published by the Surgical Neurology International last April 22, 2022. It is currently archived by the US government’s National Library of Medicine.

Blaylock is a neurosurgeon turned alternative health advocate. He has campaigned against the use of toxic food additives including aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

In this article, Blaylock makes strong criticisms of how the COVID pandemic has been handled by the government. He slams the collusion between the government and mainstream media to suppress the legitimate concerns of highly reputable medical experts.

He goes on to detail the other attacks launched to censor dissenting doctors, including the rejection and retraction of excellent scientific papers written by experts in their field, all to protect the vaccine narrative.

He also talks about the deep influence of Big Pharma on government policy that has allowed the proliferation of fraudulent activity through the Federal Care Act which offered “all US hospitals up to 39,000 dollars for each ICU patient they put on respirators, despite the fact that early on it was obvious that the respirators were a major cause of death among these unsuspecting, trusting patients”.

Blaylock also talks about the hospital bankruptcy problem, and what means for the US health care sectors.

Editor’s Note: This is a lengthy article, but we encourage you to read it as it offers a clearer picture of how Big Pharma and governments manipulated society into accepting that there is a pandemic and that the suspension of freedoms and a deadly experimental vaccine are the only solution.

It summarizes the more than two years of information gathered about this scamdemic and reveals how it has led to massive collateral damage among the youth and young children.

Blaylock, through this article, has woven a clear picture of what the COVID playbook was, and how everything that happened is leading towards a New World Order determined by a select group of elites who think they have the right to shape society to fit a world they have conceived.

We encourage you to read Blaylock’s article in full because this is the same playbook they will be used to manipulate people into believing that a “monkeypox pandemic” is real and that only an authoritarian pandemic treaty can address it. [See World Council for Health Sounds Alarms on WHO’s pandemic treaty initiative, WHO Declares Monkeypox Pandemic Against Independent Panel Advice, Sign the Petition: Refuse and Reject the WHO Powergrab That Would Lead to Global Medical Martial Law].

COVID was just the beginning phase of creating a subservient society. Monkeypox will complete “their” dream of full control over nations. After these, then “they” can do anything “they” want with the world. [Also read this 2013 article written by Blaylock regarding vaccines].

For us, a future where there is no respect for freedom and human dignity is no future at all. It is a worse prison than death.

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