April 20, 2024

In a February 24, 2022 article published in Phil Star Global, Joey Concepcion, the Philippine Presidential Adviser on Entrepreneurship, wrote his response to the plea intended explicitly for him during the Caravan for Truth, Health, and Freedom held last February 17, 2022. [See PRACT’s First Initiated Caravan for Health, Truth and Freedom in Metro Manila, Successful.]

To quote some of his statements: “When the pandemic broke out, I found myself championing the reopening of businesses. But I soon realized that to return our businesses to normal operations, we needed to vaccinate as many Filipinos as we could.”

Also, he said: “I think Filipinos have a high level of empathy for their neighbors. And they have more common sense than most… Anti-vaxxers remain a fringe movement in the Philippines…Only a handful – not thousands – show up at rallies to oppose vaccinations. And if you make known your conspiracy theories, you might be laughed out of the carinderia for basing your health decisions on a YouTube video or on hearsay about this friend of a neighbor’s cousin’s sister-in-law’s high school classmate suffering; a blood clot after getting a COVID shot.”

He closed his statement by saying: “Let us just hope that those who still refuse to take the vaccines are among the lucky ones who have acquired natural immunity and will not threaten to clog up the hospitals or become Petri dishes for new variants. Beyond that, we must do what we can to convince them to take the vaccines and finally complete that last mile.”

Editor’s Note:  The outward language looks like he was reaching out in the opening of his article; however, Concepcion was already marginalizing the views of the people he called “the anti-vaxxers.” As if the anti-vaxxers he tagged were not supported by science.

He was using word-salad, trying to appease the people who had already fallen victims to their coercive measures but also gas-lighting all at the same time. Concepcion’s words are well-calculated yet an apparent and deliberate neuro-linguistic programming. This is how they have made people heed and comply. What he didn’t tell us, the “handful- not thousands,” would be the impetus for staid courage.

Concepcion’s claims in this article are already obsolete and just sloganeering. His stance is not unique as it mirrors the capitalists and purveyors of this greatest scam in history.

Here are our nine points:

1. Being unvaccinated does not endanger the public. Most of the unvaccinated people we know are very cautious about undergoing medical procedures they do not need. We are not inclined to overreact to a simple cough or cold because we know how to manage it. [See What is causing the explosion of COVID cases which is now leading to panic and tyrannical, illegal mandates in the Philippines?]

2. Concepcion doesn’t need to persuade us to take the jab because we listen to doctors. He is a business tycoon, and the last time we checked, he is not qualified to advise us how to care for our health.

3. Concepcion’s lockdown recommendation had caused 38% of MSMEs closures[1]https://www.manilatimes.net/2021/07/23/supplements/the-importance-of-msmes-in-the-philippines/1808048. Lockdowns have an enduring impact, and it has been proven to be counterproductive in controlling COVID [see Dr. Knut Wittkowski: Lockdowns are creating a new epidemic; Dr. Knut Wittkowski: A second wave of coronavirus infections will come as a direct result of social distancing and self isolation]. Just compare how the Philippines is faring in 2020 compared to 2021 with vaccination rollout below; are you proud of your work, Joey Concepcion?

See if inoculation rollout is anywhere to flattening the curve.

4. He called the group who visited his RFM business the “fringe movement” in the Philippines. That doesn’t bother us at all. Remember the words of Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Shouldn’t he be daunted by the fringe minority? Because we might be a small group, albeit committed to the truth. Whereas most people give up when “life” becomes inconvenient for them, we are constituted of the most determined people — determined because all have levied our positions — unlike those who frantically conform in fear of being identified as deviant.

5. He relies on the “dictatorship of many”, but we want to remind people: Just because you are the majority does not mean that you are correct. Authorities need to remember: as early as April 2020, we already had the offered solution to the COVID-19 issue. If the government listened then, we would not have incurred so much useless debt; small and medium businesses could still be up and running, and mental health should not be this severe. [See AN OPEN LETTER TO RODRIGO R. DUTERTE President, Republic of the Philippines; read the briefing paper in COVID-19 PANDEMIC: THE PHILIPPINE EXPERIENCE]

6. May we inquire what “results” is Concepcion referring to? Does the covid jab lower subsequent deaths? Does vaccination decrease covid deaths? Does mass vaccination save hospitals from covid-related or side effects of covid jabs? Is there no instability in National Capital Region (NCR) reverting to a higher alert level? Is the pandemic already done in NCR and areas with a “high vaccination rate”? Can he ensure that the alert levels will be lifted in areas with high vaccination rates? [See Why Do Variants Keep on Emerging Despite Vaccination and Stringent Lockdowns?; Is it True that the Majority of Hospitals are Occupied by the Vaccine-Free with COVID-19?; Why Can’t COVID Vaccines Create Herd Immunity?; 2021 Excess Deaths in the Philippines Shows Pandemic, but it is Not COVID.]

7. Other members of the “fringe minority” were families and relatives of those inoculated, permanently injured, and expired following vaccination. Debasing these people’s emotions is gross arrogance and callousness [see Psychiatric Disorder Following Pfizer COVID Jab, Not a Rare Case, VigiAccess Has Recorded Thousands of Cases; Persida V. Rueda-Acosta — HINAGPIS AT PAGTANGIS NG INANG OFW SA KALUNOS-LUNOS NA SINAPIT NG 15-ANYOS NA ANAK | Facebook].

8. May we remind Concepcion that this is not a war between the vaccinated and the vaccine-free. This was supposedly a war against the “virus.” Why did he utter provocative statements that may incite discord among Filipinos?

9. Can he perhaps adopt another term instead of “fringe minority?” World Economic Forum global leader and tyrant Justin Trudeau used that term, too, to describe the massive freedom convoy in Ottawa. Is he imitating Trudeau, the new tyrant?

Perhaps the good thing that the tyrannical COVID policies granted people was that they inflamed the love for truth and freedom. If Concepcion wants to awaken the Filipinos to the government’s deception, he should perhaps rehearse more to emulate Trudeau.

Also, a note: Trudeau might have ceased the blockades of the freedom convoy in Ottawa, but the Freedom Convoy is far from over. The demonstration has already awakened the heart and minds of previously oblivious people. The governments can try to manipulate the citizens anew, but they will never triumph; their motives have already been unveiled. [see Unity Convoy for Health, Truth, and Freedom Launched in Various Parts of the Philippines; https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/massive-turnout-for-canberra-convoy-shows-that-the-freedom-movement-is-growing-stronger/; https://www.theblaze.com/news/us-truckers-plan-to-squeeze-dc-this-week-with-freedom-convoy] So yes, maybe only a few people are willing to go out on the streets to protest, but Filipinos are awake and angry. Concepcion’s prodding just might become the last straw.

The pathogen named SARS-CoV-2 could be infectious, but it is not as contagious as courage is. We must demonstrate to the government we have enough of their lies and behavioral experiments [see Are Filipinos Being Subjected to Mass Behavioral Experiments?]. We say NO to further manipulation!  

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2 thoughts on “The Last Mile for the COVID-19 Deception

  1. The vaxx proponents essentially belong to a cult. For cult members, there’s not much in the way of facts, truth, or reality that can break through their fantasies.
    So the only alternative is that we should do everything in our power to ridicule them, as publicly as possible. For example, I suggest we propose to the nation the following new beatification:

    Saint Rodrigo of the Holy Vaccination

    Choose an appropriate date, and announce it to everyone as feast day.

    1. Unfortunately, most of these vaxx proponents, particularly those in position, are already blind and deaf to what people are saying. All government pages are already being bombarded by people both vaxxed and unvaxxed complaining about the government’s response.

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