May 30, 2024

Unity Convoy for Health, Truth, and Freedom Launched in Various Parts of the Philippines


The Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny (PRACT), in collaboration with Freedom Convoy PH, rolled out the first Unity Convoy for Health, Truth, and Freedom last February 25, 2022 [This is a continuation of the initial Caravan for Health, Truth, and Freedom reported in the article PRACT’s First Initiated Caravan for Health, Truth and Freedom in Metro Manila, Successful]. The event was non-partisan and non-political, aiming solely to stop covid-19 vaccination.

The National Capital Region (NCR) rollout was split into the south and north group. Assembly time was 6:30–7:30 am. Those from the South area of NCR and Luzon convened in the Senate at Diokno Boulevard, Pasay City, while those from the North part of NCR and Luzon met at Commission on Human Rights (CHR) at Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City.

The north group consisted of 14 vehicles, 11 motorcycles, and eight bicycles. Important locations they had visited after leaving CHR were mainstream media (MSM) channels like GMA 7, ABS-CBN, and TV 5. The group ceremoniously went around the MSM blocks three times, honking and hailing the attention of those who handle journalism and information dissemination. In connection, the south group constituted nine vehicles and six motorcycles. After leaving the Senate, they convoy to Mall of Asia (MOA), TV 5, GMA, and ABS-CBN. The caravan stole the latter outlet media’s regard and was interviewed. [Hope to hear about it soon and not be shrugged off.]

The streamers and banners were silently pleading and hollering simultaneously, giving awareness and information to onlookers. Like the first caravan, other vehicles were supportive, and thumbs up rained as bystanders showed their support to the passing convoy.

The two groups converged at EDSA People Power Monument, Barangay Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Philippines. Before the event, a permit was already secured, and the group was allowed for a 30-minute prayer vigil. Quezon City Police officers in that scene were respectful and peaceful.

During the event, a notable and symbolic object was the experimental covid jab mascot. It was a mask worn by a PRACT member and official photographer, a devil image injected with the bioweapon, renamed creatively.

Moreover, Pastor Tejano led the prayer vigil intended for covid jab victims, including petitions for the government, authorities to stop coercive vaccine mandates, and Filipinos to end patronizing the experimental covid injections. Coincidentally, a political rally attendees were waiting for their turn just right across the EDSA People Power Monument, which established the prayer vigil much more successful because many ears have heard the appeals of the freedom fighters.

What drove the activity more meaningful was the singing of Bayan Ko. Bayan Ko is one of the highly recognizable nationalistic songs of the Philippines, singing that under the People Power Monument, during this time of medical tyranny, the fight for freedom is apparent.

After the prayer vigil, the two groups maneuvered for another round of caravan, passing through main thoroughfares going SM North EDSA, taking a u-turn to SM EDSA Annex going to MOA.

Here is the gallery of the event’s highlights in NCR:


Assembly in CHR – North Group

The Banners


Caravan in front of GMA 7 Station
Caravan at ABS-CBN
Caravan passing by TV 5, honking, calling the attention of MSM

The Mascot

A significant mask

Prayer Vigil at EDSA People Power Monument

Caravan participants in EDSA People Power Monument for Prayer Vigil
Participants’ preparation for Photo Ops

Singing the Memorable Song “Bayan Ko”

Singing “Bayan Ko,” remember how our predecessors fought the freedom we have enjoyed but were taken out again by medical tyranny.

The Last Round with Merged North and South Groups

Merged two groups passing MOA

Check live video during the event

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Freedom Convoys in Other Parts of the Philippines

Other convoys were also launched in areas of the Philippines, for example, in Iloilo City, Bacolod City, and Puerto Princesa City. Please scroll below to see photos and videos of the events.

Unity Convoy at Iloilo City rolled out last February 26, 2022

More photos and videos from the Iloilo Unity Convoy may be found on their Facebook page: GOD Protect Iloilo Freedom Convoy.

Freedom Caravan: Bacolod – Negros successfully raised awareness and gathered together for our shared cause

Photos from around the Philippines

Quezon City, February 25, 2022
Puerto Princesa City, February 25, 2022
Bacolod City, February 25, 2022
Iloilo City, February 26, 2022
Manila City, February 26, 2022

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