February 21, 2024

In a December 8, 2021 article published in The Epoch Times, Zachary Steiber reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci declared that the definition of fully vaccinated in the US would be changed.

According to the report, Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said during an appearance on CNN, there’s the need to change the definition of fully vaccinated however, “it’s going to be a matter of when, not if.”

Presently, the term fully vaccinated refers to a person who receives two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines or the single-shot Johnson & Johnson jab. This definition is used by authorities imposing vaccine mandates across the country.

Editor’s Note: This report is not a surprise to everyone who has been following the covid scamdemic. Also, it is not accidental that Fauci is trying to define a term relevant to their inoculation campaign [he is, after all, the most popular of all Big Pharma’s sales reps, see Fauci: Safe and effective vaccine could be ready by end of November; Fauci: Early COVID-19 vaccines will only prevent symptoms, not block infection; Fauci: “Full vaccination” will likely mean getting a booster shot. Also, read Fauci caught lying again, this time about NIAID’s ties with Wuhan Lab; Incriminating emails show Fauci in collusion with Big Tech, Big Pharma, mainstream media, and CDC; Fauci lied: NIH funded Wuhan lab which created human-transmissible bat coronavirus] All of these has to do with linguistic programming [see How health officials weaponize language to manage public perception of COVID vaccines; Countries Weaponize “Anti-Misinformation” Laws to Silence Social Media Users Amid Pandemic of Vaccinated; ‘Pandemic of the Unvaxxed’ is a False Narrative; Trusted News Initiative or Corrupted News Initiative? Mission: Systematic censorship of the world’s top public health experts].

Last October, when the FDA authorized the booster shot for emergency use, Rochelle Walensky, US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Head, said that they might change the definition of the fully vaccinated in the future when everyone is eligible for booster shots (See video below).

These people in CDC and Fauci have been playing with language to better suit their agenda. However, we also know that these ‘harmless’ definitions have changed the societal calculus. It has created confusion and led to even greater panic among people. For example, changing definitions have not only affected COVID reporting, but it has also redefined how the world has dealt and responded to pandemics [see Another Deception from CDC: Changed’ Vaccine’ and ‘Vaccination’ Definitions; CDC Lies Again, Creates a Horribly Confusing Definition of “Unvaccinated”. Also, see Lessons We Can Learn from COVID-19 Autopsies; Death Rate, Science, Lockdown, Fear, the “New Normal”, Vaccines, Social Control and the Immune System, and WHO deletes info on natural immunity on its website].

These proceedings seem to be synchronized with their plans to inoculate everyone, and there are clear cut implications:

If people still don’t see deception right under their noses, then they must really be heavily brainwashed.

Nevertheless, this purported pandemic will soon haunt the purveyors to their graves because nothing unnaturally occurring exists on Earth for so long. These people might be enjoying their billions and power right now, but with humanity’s freedom alliance, the scamdemic will end sooner rather than later. These propagandists know this fact, and 2022 is another playing field.

Fauci and his disciples can change all the terms they want, but that doesn’t remove the fact that once people stand up, they are outnumbered.

Regardless of the vaccination status, people should open their eyes to the reality that COVID-19 is the biggest scam in the history of humankind.

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