April 20, 2024

How health officials weaponize language to manage public perception of COVID vaccines


The following article was published by the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) last August 26, 2021. It looks at how health officials and their media cohorts have used psychological and linguistic manipulation to maintain control over populations. The article says, “Recent events surrounding COVID vaccines have shown that medicine and public health – with the help of complicit media – are particularly skilled at ‘pull[ing] the wires to control the public mind'”.

Some of the tricks deployed by what the CHD calls as the “medical cartel” include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • seeding evocative terms such as “vaccine hesitancy”, “lockdowns”.
  • creating slippery new definitions for words with fixed terms such as “pandemic”, “herd immunity”, and “vaccine”.
  • public health organizations encourage the shaming and violence against those who ask questions and those who assert their freedoms.
  • the use of cover terms like “functional neurological disorder” (or FND) to explain the tsunami of severe neurological adverse events experienced by vaccine recipients.
  • COVID vaccination is being peddled as a “stressor or precipitant” and not the actual cause of the adverse events.
  • vaccine injuries are being dismissed with the “it’s all in your mind” narrative which was originally employed on injuries caused by other vaccines.

To end the article, the author reminds readers: “it pays to be attentive to how health authorities use language, for “the more you know about language, the more immune you become to its effects.” The author adds, “Beyond noticing the manipulation, we must also stop ceding the linguistic terrain to our would-be manipulators — for example, by eschewing weaponized vocabulary such as the pejorative term “vaccine hesitancy”.

Editor’s Note: In this article, CHD reveals another tool of manipulation being used by politicians, public health experts, and mainstream media to fight against the growing resistance against the vaccine mandates and the totalitarian rule of governments.

We are not “vaccine hesitant” people because we are afraid of the consequences. We strongly oppose these vaccines because they are useless, worthless, and dangerous [see Covid Mandates: Unscientific, Irrational and Fraudulent, Dozens of Reasons to Stop Them Now, Covid Vaccines are Bioweapons for Mass Genocide, Scientists Sound Alarm: Vaccines Will Kill Millions]. They are a key to a much larger agenda that involves the total control of all individuals in this world, and could lead to a sinister future that no one wants.

We strongly condemn the coercion happening in various counties where governments forcing their citizens to take a dangerous medical intervention they do not need. We reject the attempt at controlling our lives and violating our God-given right to govern over our own bodies.

The science has spoken, over and over. All the devastation we are now experiencing in the aftermath of the COVID scamdemic are due to the interventions our governments have imposed. SARS-CoV-2 and COVID did not destroy our societies – our governments did.

The only reason we are able to make this hard stance is that we have seen the lies and manipulations imposed on our societies. We know that many others, have uncovered them too. We are not the “minority”, but they want us to think that we are. Do not be fooled. We are many, and we are strong because the truth is on our side.

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