June 15, 2024

Court Rules COVID Vaccine Mandate “Unlawful”


The court has ruled that COVID vaccine mandates imposed on police and ambulance workers in Queensland were made unlawfully.

According to this report republished by The Guardian last February 27, 2024, former Department of Health director-general Dr. John Wakefield was “unable to prove he issued the vaccine mandate under an implied term of the employment agreements for ambulance service workers”.

Moreover, the court found that the vaccine mandates “limited the human rights of workers because they were required to undergo a medical procedure without full consent”.

Editor’s Note: We are struck by the reality that people still do not appreciate the depth of the crime instigated by these vaccine mandates. The Queensland court did not acknowledge the dangers of the COVID shots, nor did they uphold human rights in terms of emergencies. Despite these, freedom fighters must consider this ruling a clear win for freedom.

Now the question is: what about the Philippines? The Supreme Court has refused to hear our case, “saying” that the matter must be heard by the courts first [see SUPREME COURT DISMISSES CCH PETITION. BUT IT IS NOT OVER! DOH USES SC DECISION TO LIE ABOUT ITS POLICIES. MORE REASON TO STOP SB 1869].

If vaccine mandates were illegal in Queensland, they most certainly were illegal in the Philippines, especially since we have RA 11525 to protect our rights [see Governor Gwen Garcia Upholds RA 11525 Against No Vaccine, No Entry Policy, Philippines’ Justice Secretary upholds RA 11525: Hiring based on vaccine status illegal and discriminatory, Cebu City Legal Office Upholds Rule Of Law]. Why then won’t the Supreme Court release a ruling saying that forced vaccinations are illegal? Could it be that they are afraid of its implications for SB 1869 and other related bills which aim to legitimize WHO control over the Philipines? [see CCH BRIEFING PAPER ON SB1869, No. 4: SB1869 WILL KILL/HARM THOUSANDS OF FILIPINOS. THE COVID VACCINES HAVE ALREADY KILLED 13 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE. , ENACTING SB 1869 INTO LAW COUD LEAD TO TREASON, CCH WARNS SENATE AS IT RELEASES ITS 3RD BRIEFING PAPER ON SB 1869, Emergency Update Regarding SB1869, BRIEFING PAPER ON SB1869: Why SB1869 APPROVAL NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW AND THE BILL RADICALLY REVISED, WE HAVE TO STOP THIS! The Senate is Rushing the Approval of SB 1869. This is a Digital Prison for Filipinos, Controlled by the WHO, Aided by Our Treacherous Government Which Will Surveil Us 24/7].

While the issue of vaccine mandates may have receded for now, we hope that people don’t forget about 2020, and how they almost took away their freedom. They did it once, we are sure that they will do it again if we are not vigilant. [See Pandemics As a Catalyst For a New World Order, New Danger: Using AI to Predict “Pandemics”, Gates, DARPA Funds CRISPR-based Pandemic Early Warning Surveillance System, Disease X: Red Carpet to Achieve WHO Dictatorship].

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