June 20, 2024

Neurowarfare: New form of warfare aimed at weaponizing the human brain


The following document is a study conducted by Joshua D. Gramm and Brian A. Branagan, titled “Neurowar Is Here!”, approved for public release by the Naval Postgraduate School in December 2021. It explores the resurgence of great power competition and the use of neuroweapons to manipulate and control populations’ minds. The study discusses non-lethal crowd control technologies, including Directed Energy Weapons, capable of influencing human behavior. The authors argue: “neuro war is not just coming, but rather is already here and is likely to fundamentally alter conflict and warfare”.

Gramm and Branagan highlight the lack of public discussion on these technologies in NATO countries. They advocate for the banning of neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence for remote control, proposing oversight by the United Nations.

Editor’s Note: Take note that this study was conducted in 2021. To date, no international conversation about neuro warfare has taken place, and the existence of the technology has been buried deep, but it does not mean that it has not been used covertly. We know that governments have utilized all kinds of tools to manipulate populations – from fear appeal to outright totalitarian mandates. Neurowarfare is just one of the tools for keeping citizens in check, and we would be naive to think that those seeking to control populations would not want to utilize this technology if it was already available to them.

It is a dystopian technology, that has no real benefit to furthering humanity’s interests. That it exists reflects the degradation in the moral compass of its creators. This is a tool for world domination. Compared to this, the COVID and climate propaganda is a small distraction.

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