April 12, 2024

Climate Change: An Opportunity To Become More Conscious About The Way We Live


The following article features a 2-part podcast with Gail Hochachka, a climate change researcher, sustainable development expert, and activist. Though Hochachaka deals mainly with the issue of climate change, her research has repercussions for societal transformation in general. She says that global problems are global symptoms, and to solve them, we must look at what shaped the actual problems to come up with effective solutions.

Hochachaka says that in terms of addressing climate change, there are indigenous cosmologies that could help form solutions that are better connected to reality.

In part 2 of the podcast, Hochachka offers some ways to view our current reality, as well as how our own consciousness can help us transform global challenges into opportunities for shaping the future.

Editor’s Note: We have the power to change our future. As long as we can transform our emotions and our thoughts, we can create a future that nurtures our humanity.

Please take time to listen to the podcast linked below. It might just provide the inspiration you need to overcome our challenges today.

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