June 15, 2024

Farmer and laptop

In this 45-minute interview between Sandi Adams and Rachel from Colchester Council Watch, looks at the impact of the United Nations’ plan to “transform” agriculture. They also talk about the massive farming protests in Europe which are systematically being censored by mainstream media.

Here are some of the most important points highlighted in the interview:

  • England, farmers are facing pressure from government officials to diversify their operations away from meat and dairy farming, with subsidies being gradually cut over three years. This push aligns with a UN directive to corporatize and potentially state-owned farms globally, aiming to transition towards agri-tech “super farms” focused on robotics and insect biomass.
  • Adams highlights reports from organizations like the Food and Drink Sector Council and Sainsbury’s, which advocate for large-scale, indoor, GMO-based food production, raising concerns about its health implications. Additionally, she mentions the “Absolute Zero” plan aiming to halt all imports and exports by 2030, posing significant challenges to food security.
  • Adams warns against the Chinese model of agri-tech farming, emphasizing the importance of preserving traditional farming methods and food security. She advocates for direct sales from farms to consumers, bypassing supermarkets to ensure quality food and human health.

Editor’s Note: Being an agricultural country, one cannot help but wonder how the globalists plan to encroach on our local agricultural system. Already, we are being inundated with imported produce that is laden with pesticides and chemical preservatives. Our seeds are being replaced by “new varieties” that are designed to be used with Big Ag chemicals. Our agricultural biodiversity is at risk, along with our capacity to feed our population.

It is only a matter of time before the Philippines will have its crisis in agriculture. We still have time to act. Do we have the willpower to become a part of the solution?

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