June 14, 2024



Yesterday, the Supreme Court dismissed the petitions of Nicanor Perlas of CCH, among other petitioners, to declare as illegal the mandatory vaccination program of the government. This was not a decision based on the merits of the case. It was a decision based on technicalities regarding the need to follow the principle of hierarchy of courts. You can read the SC decision here.

While suffering a setback, the case is not dead. CCH is presently in dialogue with the legal team that filed the case before the Supreme Court. We are currently discussing our legal options.

As such, even if CCH vehemently disagrees with the Supreme Court decision and can cite legal statutes to support its position, CCH cannot release a statement regarding the decision of the Supreme Court at this point. Doing so would preempt, due to contempt-of-court accusations,  whatever legal remedy may still be available for CCH at the Supreme Court, including a Motion for Reconsideration. 

Meanwhile, today, the Department of Health (DOH) released a blatantly false public announcement showing its total disregard for the truth and revealing that it is a pathological liar.  

It said: The DOH …  takes this opportunity to reaffirm that all regulations and policies and implemented during the pandemic were enacted with the utmost consideration for the common good.” See here.

Such a statement is absolutely false. As already mentioned, the Supreme Court did not rule on the basis of the merits of the case. So there was no Supreme Court affirmation of the DOH claims as made in the statements. In addition, other similar claims by DOH in its statement are totally empty, vacuous and deceitful. 

Furthermore, it is also a a callous disregard of the massive damage that DOH policies have done on the livelihood, health, and lives of millions of Filipinos. 

 Need we mention the millions of jobs that were lost due to their lockdowns and the millions more thrown into poverty according to NEDA’s own figures? See here.

Have we forgotten that the massive excess deaths of more than 290,000 in 2021 that are associated with the rollout of forced vaccinations. See here

CCH can go on and on about these blatant lies of DOH since CCH has been closely following the disastrous results of DOH policies since 2020. However, a good friend, Super Sally Substack, has covered similar grounds and has done so on a timely basis. CCH will just cite her precise deconstruction of the DOH misinformation. See here.

With this announcement, CCH warns the public that DOH cannot be trusted to look after the health and safety of the Filipino people. It is too compromised on so many levels and it now has now become a pathological liar concerned mostly with never admitting that its bizarre, fraudulent and unscientific Covid policies have seriously harmed tens of thousands of Filipinos including killing the innocent and the unsuspecting. 

Furthermore, given DOH’s gloating over its lies, Filipino viewers of CCH now realize, more than ever, that it would be a disaster for the Senate to enact into law SB 1869 or its equivalent. This bill would grant overwhelming powers to DOH to further abuse and lie to the Filipino people. SB 1869 will create a super monster agency that would harm and kill many Filipinos with the Orwellian excuse that they are doing their best to protect the health of all people in this country. It will be a total disaster for our nation. 

With these developments, we re-issue our call for all who love this country to take whatever actions you can to stop the enactment of SB 1869. There are many ways you can do this. And we have laid this out in our recent article here.

The Supreme Court is a temporary setback but not a total defeat. What happens next will totally depend on how we all respond to the options of actions that are now in front of us. 

As Rizal said: “There are no tyrants if there are no slaves”! We will have the Philippines that we deserve if we all strive to have it. No retreat! No surrender!


  1. All is not lost yet. God can’t be fooled. He is Almighty and He is all truth. Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng mga freedom fighters like CCH, dahil nagpapagamit kayo sa gawain ng Panginoon. SC judges are but men. They can turn a blind eye to the truth, but not God. DOH is a department full of lies, but God cannot be lied to. Prayers, prayers, prayers!

  2. SC and the justice system are compromised, broken. The magistrates deflected responsibility and resorted to a technicality without considering that many have been harmed, injured or died by the very protocols, issuances and acts of the IATF, LGUs and other government agencies that are the subject of the petition(s). MGA PONTIUS PILATO! MGA DUWAG!

  3. The Supreme Court judges just excuse themselves from the enormity of responsibility of resolving the case and the possible attack from the Marcos Administration! The evidences are overwhelming! The petitioners will no doubt win this case in the Court of 1st Instance!!!!!!

    1. Which is absolutely the worst thing. These organizations which claim to be elements of good governance, pretending to be heralds of justice, are the first to violate their own vision and mission.

    1. Thank you Cato! Please invite family and friends who are in Manila to join future protests so our government can see that Filipinos are ready to fight for our freedom.

  4. 32Million++ have died since Jan. 1st 2023, but NOT from the Pandemic. The World Wide 3 year total attributed to the pandemic is just under 7 million. These statistics are from today July 15, 2023. It is a NORMAL average to see 5 Million+ monthly deaths from 101+ causes. The pandemic was obviously NOT a significant cause of serious illness or death as 98% mild symptoms with a similar 98% recovery rate is NOT a pandemic. More people die every 1-1/2 MONTHS from more significant issues. It is also normal for about 9 MILLION to die from starvation yearly, mostly children. (27Million+ 3 year total)
    In the Philippines more 100 children DIE from starvation DAILY. That brings the 3 year total to over 109,000 starvation deaths NOT counting adult starvation deaths of people in the Philippines. The 3 year DEATHS total attributed to COVID in the Philippines is 66,525. That is over 42,000 LESS than Covid.

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