April 15, 2024

An April 21, 2022 article published in The Legal Light Worker reported that the City Legal Office (CLO) of the City of Cebu upheld the law and protected human rights to make choices for Cebuano’s health and that of their families.

According to the article, in a legal opinion statement to the Sangguniang Panlunsod on the “No VAX No Entry” policy (also known as the Oplan Puyo Gihapon) implemented by the City Government of Cebu, the Legal Office submitted that the enactment of executive orders no. 157 and 158 with the said policy “are not advised as it may violate constitutional rights, in the absence of a national law implementing the same.” Therefore, enacting the ordinances regarding such policy should not be carried out.

Also, this opinion statement was drawn up at the instruction of the Cebu City Council in response to a presentation by the Concerned Cebuanos for Life & Liberty (CCLL) to the Council, protesting the executive orders as discriminatory and violating the equal protection clause.

You can watch the video here.

Editor’s Note: We suggest you watch the video, especially by CCLL, to understand the weight of the protest.

We always hail freedom victory, especially that Cebu City has finally upheld the law, just like how Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia resolutely holds water for the constitution. [See Governor Gwen Garcia Upholds RA 11525 Against No Vaccine, No Entry Policy]

This also demonstrates that there are elected officials who have ears to listen to people’s pleas fighting for what is right. And if views could be logical and legal, truth prevails.  

The argument presented was very pertinent and reminded the officials of their duties to their constituents. We hope this becomes a precedent for other regions; the law always protects the people. We just have to assert our rights, resist the unconstitutional mandates and live courageously.

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