June 16, 2024

Group Calls on Sara Duterte to Formalize Stand on Unvaxxed Students


In this July 29, 2022 article for The Manila Times, Arlie Calalo covers the latest statements from broadcast journalist Dominic Almelor and Girlie Samonte, two of the petitioners against the mandatory vaccination of children [read about the litigation here A Parent of Dengvaxia Victim Together with a Parent Who Formerly Covered Dengvaxia Case File TRO to Stop Pediatric Rollout of COVID Vaccines].

In a news briefing, the petitioners had said that they were “happy and thankful” that Sara Duterte, Vice President of the Philippines and Secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd), now allows unvaccinated children to attend classes. However, without a formal directive, the petitioners say that unvaccinated children might be discriminated from face-to-face classes.

Editor’s Note: Without a formal memo from Duterte, her statement regarding the co-mingling of vaccinated and unvaccinated students in schools means nothing. It is not binding, and hence, offers no protection to unvaccinated children.

If people read DepEd Order No. 34, Series of 2022, which lays out the school calendar for 2022-2023, and offers guidelines on the conduct of face-to-face classes, we will notice that the old illogical COVID policies of social distancing and plastic barriers will continue to be enforced, even in areas under Alert Level 1, where all these policies have already been scrapped.

Moreover, paragraph 52 of the same memo states, “Schools shall coordinate with the DOH for counseling on the benefits of COVID-l9 vaccination of the family of an unvaccinated leamer and implement mobile vaccinations for those who sign a written consent to be vaccinated.” This essentially means schools will keep a list of unvaccinated students and will ensure that their families are “counseled” (i.e. indoctrinated to accept the vaccine narrative) disrespecting the conscious decision of families not take the vaccines.

The keeping of an “unvaccinated” list is already a violation of our right to our personal and medical privacy. Also, how active will schools be in convincing families to take the shots? Will they inform parents of the numerous side effects of these COVID shots on children and adults? Are they going to divulge the ingredients of the vaccines? [See Italian court rules mandatory vaccination unconstitutional. Also, read Florida breaks with CDC: No COVID vaccine for healthy children, Group of Senior Doctors and Scientists Call on JCVI to Pause Roll out of COVID Vaccines to Children 5 to 11 years, Article from mainstream news confirms: Children do not need COVID vaccines to live life normally, No Need for Vaccines: Children’s Immune Systems Primed and Ready for SARS-CoV-2, Experts assess safety and necessity of Moderna COVID-19-mRNA-Vaccine for children, Expert evidence regarding the use of Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine for children].

If Sara Duterte had integrity, she would release a new memo stating her position that children should not be forced to take the shots before being allowed to attend face-to-face classes instead of issuing statements to the press.

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