May 28, 2024

Italian court rules mandatory vaccination unconstitutional


This April 27, 2022 article published by RAIR Foundation features a transcript of a video by Italian lawyer Marco Mori discussing the groundbreaking ruling released by Sicily’s Court of Administrative Justice last March 22, 2022.

Some of the points raised in the 53-page ruling included the following:

  • All the COVID vaccines administered in Italy have reported adverse effects, with some resulting in death.
  • The lawfulness of mandatory vaccination is to be excluded if it uses products whose effects on the vaccinated patient’s health exceed the threshold of normal tolerability…which cannot include the risk of serious or fatal adverse effects, even if these are small portion in relation to the vaccinated population.

You may access the actual court ruling here. Use DeepL to translate the document from Italian.

Editor’s Note: This court ruling is proof that mandatory vaccination or any policy leading to such cannot be lawful because of the harmful effects caused by the vaccines.

And though some experts claim that the harmful effects are “minimal”, it does not erase the fact that it cannot be imposed universally because there are some people who could experience severe side effects, even death.

This is an important precedent that can be used to support our fight for medical freedom and coercion.

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