May 30, 2024

More Chinese Quit Communist Party as COVID Measures Tighten


Falun Gong practitioners gather to support the withdrawal of 390 million people from the Chinese Communist Party and its associate groups, in Brooklyn, New York, on Feb. 27, 2022. (Chung I Ho/The Epoch Times)

In this May 30, 2022 article for The Epoch Times, Mary Hong reports that at least 396 million Chinese have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations after months of living under strict zero-COVID measures. According to the report, “many more Chinese people have awakened to the damage the CCP is doing to China and the Chinese people”.

The article featured statements from Chinese individuals who quit CCP which they referred to as “the accomplice of evil”. Chu Junwen relates his experience during the lockdown and how the government’s inhuman treatment has caused him to lose his job. He says, “I hope many more Chinese will see through the CCP and stop the violent machinery”.

Editor’s Note: Why did the CCP implement extreme zero-COVID measures when they knew since 2020 that it was not effective? That asymptomatic people are not drivers of transmission is clear since 2022 [see the Chinese study in Asymptomatic people do not spread COVID-19].

Moreover, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have already confirmed that there is no evidence to support asymptomatic testing [see W.H.O no evidence to support widespread asymptomatic testing, CDC changes guidelines for testing: No more test for asymptomatics].

Was this a case of the CCP not learning from the past? Or was this a deliberate attack on Shanghai residents and their local economy?

We also see from this article that the plague of misinformation against individuals who hold alternative views now held by the mainstream was first successfully implemented by the CCP. These are now being implemented even in the Western world to control information.

Take for example censorship. If other citizens who are not experiencing the abuse of the CCP do not hear of the abuses being done by the government against specific groups in their country, then there will be no reason to organize against their leaders. Remember how in 2020 mainstream and social media censored information on citizen uprisings against lockdowns? [See The Pandemic of Censorship, Lockdowns: An illusion of control].

In the article below, one will notice that those who have recently awakened to the “violent” rule of the CCP are people who have experienced it. But with widespread censorship within China, the abuses in Shanghai have probably not reached other areas in the country.

Moreover, cancel culture is also very present in Chinese society, hence preventing people from associating with others who have lost their trust in the government [Read Study: People who cross-check claims of mainstream media on COVID-19 get branded as “conspiracy theorists“, Matt Hancock: We have no duty of care to those who refuse the vaccines, ‘Let them die’: Canada’s largest newspaper promotes hostility toward the unvaccinated].

This article is also important for another reason. It is proof that the more people are backed into a corner by their governments, the more they are awakening to the abuses and the manipulation that they are experiencing. The Shanghai experiment shows that people there is a threshold to dictatorship. It will take people to fight back for the government to know what this threshold is. The question now is: how much power are we willing to hand over to our governments? Are we going to allow them to tell us what we can and cannot do to our bodies? Are we going to allow them to control the lives of our children?

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