June 5, 2023

Finally on mainstream media: COVID shots impair long-term immunity


In this May 24, 2022 article for Israel National News, David Rosenberg reports on the results of a study entitled Anti-nucleocapsid antibodies following SARS-CoV-2 infection in the blinded phase of the mRNA-1273 Covid-19 vaccine efficacy clinical trial [This is different research from the one reported on this article, Peer-reviewed study confirms mRNA COVID jabs dangerous, suppress innate immune system].

The study, which analyzes the data collected during Moderna’s clinical trial from July 2020 to March 2021, looked at participants who tested positive for the coronavirus during the trial, compared serum levels of specific antibody types based on vaccination status, as well as viral load. Instead of just checking for antibodies against spike protein (also known as S-protein), the researchers checked the participants’ anti-nucleocapsid antibodies levels (anti-N Abs), which is a marker for comprehensive immune system response to the COVID virus.

The results were conclusive:

  • trial participants who received the placebo who became infected during the trial were found to have significantly higher levels of neutralizing anti-N Abs compared to vaccinated participants who had comparable viral loads.
  • 93% of unvaccinated subjects who were diagnosed with COVID during the trial had measurable levels of anti-N Abs compared to less than half of those in the vaccine cohort.

The researchers say that the reduced level of anti-N Abs among the vaccinated is a direct result of the vaccine’s narrow focus on the S-protein.

Editor’s Note: This article is significant for various reasons. First, it is the first study on the long-term impact of mRNA COVID shots on immunity that has been published by a major news source. And while the study is still in pre-print, it has been allowed to be published in medRXiv which is supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which is part of the worldwide “cartel” to control information about COVID shots. Why it has been allowed to stay online despite the strict censorship that is proliferating within the platforms owned by Big Tech companies remains a mystery [see Incriminating emails show Fauci in collusion with Big Tech, Big Pharma, mainstream media, and CDC].

Second, the article proves what we have been saying for almost a year now: COVID shots cannot stop the spread of COVID [read ineffective Israeli study concludes vaccines have failed to prevent spread of COVID, Iceland: Vaccines Not Enough, as Many as Possible People Need to be Infected for herd immunity, Fauci Admits Vaccines are Failing to Protect Vaccinated from COVID Hospitalization and Death, Lancet: Vaccinated are significant sources of COVID transmission, Harvard Study: Vaccines will not end the pandemic, CDC Head declares COVID ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent infections or transmissions].

This means that all the policies that discriminated against the unvaccinated were unwarranted, and therefore, were illegal. They must not be reinstated at any cost.

Third, this article shows that the mRNA COVID shots are going to more problems for human societies. If the shots are causing reduced anti-N Abs levels, then it means that they prevent our immune systems from properly responding to future COVID variants. If the body cannot respond to a virus that is relatively harmless for most people, then it could cause complications to the vaccinated even if the virus does not evolve to a more dangerous variant [see Updated IFR for COVID Confirms 99.9987% Survival for Under-20’s, CDC updates planning scenarios, shows IFR lower than flu, WHO says 10% of the world infected with SARS-CoV-2, puts IFR at 0.14%].

Fourth, this is a confirmation that because our government allowed itself to be influenced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other co-opted experts, they have destroyed our people and our country. Duterte placed the Philippines in two years of suffering even when the evidence against lockdowns, indiscriminate testing, and useless masking and social distancing has been available since March 2020 [see Will the real WHO please stand up?, AN OPEN LETTER TO RODRIGO R. DUTERTE President, Republic of the Philippines, COVID-19 PANDEMIC: THE PHILIPPINE EXPERIENCE, Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance].

If we were able to see the agenda behind the COVID hysteria very early in the “pandemic” just by reading credible sources, why wasn’t the government able to do it? Why didn’t doctors see what we were seeing?

We want you to remember this as the WHO tries to repeat its COVID playbook, this time using Monkeypox [see WHO calls for emergency meeting as monkeypox cases in Europe cross 100].

We need you to remember that they are now advancing their agenda. They think that they have control over the whole world, thanks to censorship and their deliberate spread of misinformation. Remember that they are moving towards a power grab and their ultimate goal is to build a world order where humans are stratified. [Read World Council for Health Sounds Alarms on WHO’s pandemic treaty initiative, While we were distracted by Will Smith, the Elites were planning how to take over the world].

Their goal is not to make the earth a better place to live in, but rather, to steal everything that makes us human. [Read The Ultimate Goal of the WEF is to Control and Change Life on Earth, Vandana Shiva: Great Reset Is a Project of Extermination].

Are you really going to let them get away with their crimes?

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2 thoughts on “Finally on mainstream media: COVID shots impair long-term immunity

  1. The only test for Sars 2 (covid 19) is the rtPRC test which has been pier reviewed and found to be worthless. It was developed by a guy who claimed to have a PHD but did not. The people doing this scamdemic are liars and murderers carrying out Bill Gates’ depopulation agenda while getting a 20 to 1 return on their evil investments.

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