April 19, 2024

Peer-reviewed study confirms mRNA COVID jabs dangerous, suppress innate immune system


The following study was published by Food and Chemical Toxicology last April 15, 2022. It was written by Stephanie Seneff, Greg Nigh, Anthony M. Kyriakopoulos, and Peter McCullough.

Some of the most important findings of the study include the following:

  • There is evidence pointing to the impairment of the Type I Interferon (IFN-I) signaling which regulates the innate and adaptive immune function.[efn]According to research published by the National Library of Medicine, “continuous IFN-I signaling plays critical roles in limiting virus replication during both acute and chronic infections. But sustained IFN-I signaling also leads to chronic immune activation, inflammation, and, consequently, immune exhaustion and dysfunction. Read more https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31155227/[/efn_note]
  • Vaccines cause immune cells to release into circulation large numbers of exosomes that contain spike proteins along with critical microRNAs that induce signaling responses in cells located at distant sites. [The danger of circulating spike proteins has been confirmed by the Salk Institute, read Salk Institute: The spike protein damages cells and causes vascular disease even without a virus].
  • The study also identified potential profound disturbances in the regulatory control of protein synthesis and cancer surveillance. These disturbances can be causally related to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, immune thrombocytopenia, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response, and tumorigenesis.

The researchers also look at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to show evidence that supports their hypothesis.

The authors conclude that based on their risk-benefit assessment, the claim that mRNA vaccines are positive contributors to public health is questionable.

Editor’s Note: For those who wish to understand our position that COVID shots are dangerous, then this article is for you. Instead of engaging in propaganda and smear campaigns, we encourage the detractors of Seneff, McCullough, and the other scientists who are fighting against the COVID lies, to respond to the issues they raised in their study.

The points raised by the authors are serious and must be further studied. A full investigation of the dangers of these vaccines must be conducted by governments around the world. Also, if governments truly believe that the COVID shots are safe, then why won’t they engage these scientists in the debate? Why are they simply censoring conflicting information? [To Twitter blocks link to mainstream news article questioning COVID death statistics in UK, DuckDuckGo Adopts Policies of Google, Will ‘Down-Rank’ What It Decides Is ‘Disinformation’, CDC withholds large amount of data for fear of “misinterpretation”. Read more at Censorship].

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