July 22, 2024

Complicity Between CDC, Teachers’ Union on COVID School Reopening Guidance Now Exposed

Complicity Between CDC, Teachers’ Union on COVID School Reopening Guidance Now Exposed

In a March 30, 2022 article published in Fox News, Jessica Chasmar reported that Republicans Lawmakers accused US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky of downplaying the degree to which the CDC departed from past practice to allow the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) to affect the policymaking process.

The report states that Republicans who sit on the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis are releasing a statement on March 30, revealing a CDC official’s testimony claiming that the agency coordinated with teachers’ unions at an extraordinary level in crafting its school reopening guidance, despite the agency’s earlier claims that such coordination was routine and nonpolitical.

On February 11, 2021, one day before the CDC publicly posted the guidance, AFT’s senior director of health issues, Kelly Trautner, emailed CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, asking her to insert the line: “In the event high-community transmission results from a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, a new update of these guidelines may be necessary.”

The emails revealed Walensky forwarded the email to Dr. Henry Walke, director of the CDC’s Center for Preparedness and Response, who then revised the guidance following AFT’s request. The emails also exposed that CDC officials coordinated an early release of the final recommendation to the AFT before releasing it.

According to the Republicans’ findings, the AFT’s edits should make schools more likely to be close to in-person learning.

Editor’s Note: We added this article to the website because this is another piece of evidence that there is a massive conspiracy among those who hold authority. This move had damaged millions of children, mentally and academically, just because of mere political reasons in the guise of a health crisis.

This is also relevant here in the Philippines or other countries that have employed the same game plan. The big question is, who dictates the policy? Or should we say who are the puppet masters and have gained immensely during the excessive lockdowns?

The article attached below reverberates the situation here in the Philippines; if only we had adopted the Great Barrington Declaration early on, we could have averted the mental malady nowadays. Consequently, children are abused even if authorities tell us it’s for the greater good; seemingly, it was never intended for that. Who benefits from all this?

DepEd recently released its statement that vaccination cards are not required to participate in in-person classes; however, there are reports that school policies vary. Do policies depend on the principals’ intellectual capacity and common sense in understanding the law? [See DepEd: Vaccination Card Not a Requirement for Face-to-face Classes. Or perhaps we can use Republic Act No. 11032 for public schools that continue to mandate jabs for in-person classes.]

Also, in in-person classes, participants are mandated to wear masks despite the 6-feet distance from one another. Do these officials consider the dangers they are putting these learners into? [See Will the real WHO please stand up?; Meta-study shows that masks are dangerous; German Neurologist: Oxygen deprivation due to face masks cause permanent neurological damage; Compulsory masking is an assault on humanity; Study shows 90% of particles can pass through cloth masks making them useless for preventing COVID transmission; Is it time for the Philippines to lift its mask mandate?]

When the political campaigns now have thousands of attendees allowed cheek-to-cheek, no testing required, why be this abusive and discriminatory to school children and teachers? What are the impetuses of the illogical policies we put on the younger generation? Or is this utter hypocrisy and bigotry? [See Freedom Is Our Birthright, Not Conditional Based on Medical Status.]

Every child has the right to education and health. You, as a parent, stop handing your sovereignty over your kid. Do your due diligence to uncover the truth. Your child’s future relies on your decision today!

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2 thoughts on “Complicity Between CDC, Teachers’ Union on COVID School Reopening Guidance Now Exposed

  1. A mother who is in still in good health and strong willed at 75 shared what the brgy told them to pursuade them to take the vaccine is to withheld their financial assistance as senior citizen of the brgy which she responded with a forceful “No”. Sige sa inyo na lang yan. It is hard to hear story like this, it is rightfully theirs, binigay yan sa kanila, but is being used against them to implement a policy na hindi nman nakaangkla sa Pambansang Batas.

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