June 20, 2024

Freedom Is Our Birthright, Not Conditional Based on Medical Status


The following article was written by David Bell and was published by Brownstone Institute last March 10, 2022.

In this article, Bell discusses how the COVID-19 vaccine mandates have enabled the “creeping acceptance of the anchoring of basic human rights to medical status”. He asserts that freedom is our birthright, not a reward, and hence, must not be subjected to conditions. He says, “If we are born free, we do not acquire freedom through compliance”.

He goes on to say that while it is easy to oppose vaccine mandates by highlighting the flaws in the science underlying them, this strategy tends to support acknowledging authoritarianism, instead of fighting against it. He says, “Claiming natural immunity as a sole exclusion from vaccine mandates is no more logical than ignoring it…To solely invoke natural immunity as a way out of mandates, we will be coercing testing and consequent medical procedures as a basis for freedom.”

Editor’s Note: This article is important because Bell is one of the top public health physicians in the world. He has worked in the US, Australia, UK, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO).

His insights on this article require us to question our own understanding of human rights and freedom. He urges us to ensure that in our fight against vaccine mandates, we come from the space that we were all born free and that this freedom is not dependent on any condition granted by the government, or any other individual.

In our quest to end vaccine mandates, the argument for natural immunity is just one strategy, but that should not be the end-all and be-all. We must remember that freedom is our natural state. It is due to this freedom that we humans are different from other species in the animal kingdom. It is what makes us more than a biological mass.

When our governments consider public health policies, they must ensure that human dignity and basic rights to bodily autonomy and sovereignty are safeguarded. This is why vaccine mandates are dehumanizing: they take away from us a birthright.

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