June 20, 2024

UK High Court Judge Belittled Parents Ability to Understand Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Data


In this February 1, 2022 article published by The Expose, we learn of a High Court Judge rejecting the request of a parent for the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) to release the data on children who died due to covid jabs. The petitioner, known only as EF, said that only this way will she be able to make an informed decision on whether to vaccinate her child or not.

After the ONS refused, EF took legal action to reveal the numbers.  In her campaign, she has been supported by TV presenter Beverley Turner, who helped raise £100,000 to pay legal costs.

However, Justice Jonathan Swift denied the application, arguing that parents could not correctly interpret the data.  “Correlation does not equal causation, and the ONS information is not necessary to decide that claim.”

Editor’s Note: This report tells us that informed consent is rampantly denied to parents, especially to those who employ critical thinking.

This also states that parents oblivious to this kind of information could easily cave into the government’s will with blind obedience and trust.

In 2021, the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) had recommended against vaccinating children and young adolescents but had been over-ruled by the UK’s four chief medical officers [see Governments ignoring advice of their own health regulators, pushing child vaccination, public trust eroding].  Following mass inoculation roll-out, UK government data has shown covid jabs are more dangerous than the disease they were designed to cure [see PHE Report Exposes Covid-19 Vaccines Can Lead to Fatality; Document from Public Health England shows Delta less deadly than original strain, vaccinated more vulnerable to Delta variant; UK Government Data: Vaccinated are Seeing their Immune Response Plummet by About 5% Each Week].

This report also evidently tells us that there are people in authority posted to safeguard the narrative that covid injections are safe and effective.  And suppose an individual’s bodily autonomy resolve is too flimsy, scamdemic purveyors will be able to attain their objectives to inoculate 100% of humanity.

However, EF is just a representative of parents and people who hold water for sovereignty over their own bodies and children.

If the government does not show us the safety data, we have the right to say no.  Perhaps we can claim, after millions of reported adverse events following covid injections, that these jabs are culpable of those injuries until they can prove they are not.   Remember Australia Health Authority admitting they have not read the Pfizer documents before authorizing for emergency use?  [see Australian Health Official Tells the Senate to Lie to the Public About the Covid Jab Adverse Events] Also, the famous Dr. Eric Robin said you’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless you start giving it [see FDA Panel Recommends Pfizer’s Low-dose Covid Jab for Young Children Ages Five to 11 Without the Safety Data].

If these jabs are genuinely safe and effective, then we must demand all governments to lift the immunity from liability granted to all covid vaccine manufacturers.

These jabs are experimental; thus, getting jabbed should be voluntary, and informed consent should never be skipped in favor of a government’s desire to see high vaccination uptake [see Governments are signing secret vaccine deals; Big Pharma firm will not be held responsible for side effects of COVID-19 vaccine; No legal recourse, compensation for vaccine injuries; Leaked Pfizer contracts show they knew of adverse effects and lack of long-term efficacy of vaccines; Physicians For Informed Consent release new documents discussing efficacy and risk of COVID vaccines vs. COVID infection; Open letter to pediatricians and parents includes more than 1,000 references for true informed consent on COVID vaccination].

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