June 20, 2024

Big Pharma firm will not be held responsible for side effects of COVID-19 vaccine


AstraZeneca, one of the 25 pharmaceutical companies testing their COVID-19 vaccines on humans has received immunity from future claims of damage due to the vaccine. Ruud Dobber, an executive officer of the company, says that indemnification has been added in all the contracts the company cannot take the risk of possible side effects showing years after the vaccine has been rolled out. Dobber also expressed that many countries were willing to take on the risk.

AstraZeneca, Britain’s largest pharmaceutical company, pledged to supply 2 billion doses to the US, Britain, and several European countries at no profit.

Editor’s Note: Vaccine developers know that their products will have a side effect and they are now protecting their assets by adding indemnification clauses to their contracts. And yet despite the risks, countries are willing to subject their citizens to the fast-tracked vaccines.

As can be gleaned from the numerous articles on this website, COVID-19 is not deadly to a majority of individuals [to read a few of these resources visit, COVID-19 no longer a high consequence infectious disease, CDC’s new COVID-19 planning document shows death rate much lower than WHO estimates].

Why are governments holding entire societies hostage? Why do they insist on vaccines even when a large number of people are immune to the disease? If we integrate all the anomalies happening during this pandemic – the widespread censorship and active vilification of those who are critical of the mainstream narrative, the utter disregard for scientific researches and global experiences pointing to a new narrative, and fear mongering in the media points to one thing. This pandemic is no longer about health. Otherwise, all lockdowns would have been lifted, schools reopened, and our lives back to normal [to go deeper on this subject, read Alternative views concerning the COVID-19 vaccine and Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance].

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