April 15, 2024

COVID-19 no longer a “socially critical disease” in Denmark, country drops all restrictions


Denmark has once again lifted its coronavirus restrictions even as the Omicron variant spreads in the country. The report on this has been written by Leah Barkoukis and was published by Townhall last January 27, 2022.

In a press conference, Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said that the country will reclassify COVID-19 and it will no longer be considered a “socially critical disease”. Frederiksen said, “tonight we can shrug our shoulders and find the smile again. We have incredibly good news, we can now remove the last coronavirus restrictions in Denmark”.

Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said that the decision was enabled by the country’s high rate of vaccination and fewer hospitalizations. He said, “The situation in Denmark is that we have this decoupling between infections and intensive care patients, and it is mainly due to the large attachment among Danes to revaccination. That is the reason why it is safe and the right thing to do now.”

Denmark lifted all its COVID restrictions in September 2021[1]https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/denmark-lifts-all-coronavirus-restrictions-and-celebrates-e2-80-98a-whole-new-era-e2-80-99/ar-AAOj6di, but reinstroduced new restrictions in December 2021[2]https://news.yahoo.com/denmark-reintroduces-covid-19-restrictions-175453599.html

Read the official statement from Denmark (in Danish) here: https://www.ft.dk/samling/20211/almdel/EPI/bilag/327/2518597.pdf

Editor’s Note: We are happy to see that more and more countries are now seeing the need to stop the illogical and unscientific imposition of COVID measures [Ireland Conditionally Ends Most COVID Restriction, England Ends All COVID Mandates After Receiving Petitions from the Citizens, Scotland, Netherlands].

Now we must ask, why is the Philippines still holding on to its COVID restrictions?

Denmark has 81.21% of full vaccination, but its COVID and cases and deaths are so much higher than the Philippines [See feature image and Image 1 below]. How is Denmark able to lift all its COVID restrictions, when the Philippines won’t?

Is the Philippines only basing its decision to keep its COVID restrictions on COVID deaths and cases? It is clear from images 1 and 2 below that the Philippines has much less deaths and cases compared to UK and Denmark. Is the Philippines only basing its decision on vaccine take up? If this is the case, then the government needs to explain why they are using vaccination as a metric for lifting restrictions, when it is clear that these vaccines are not working for other countries [read Worldwide data from 185 nations prove that the highest death rates are in the most vaccinated countries; we are now in a pandemic of the vaccinated, Big Data Analysis of 145 Countries Shows Vaccine Deployment Led to Increase in COVID Deaths and Cases].

What level of vaccination is the Philippines aiming for? What is the Philippines’ Exit Plan? Or is there no exit plan?

Image 1: Daily new confirmed deaths as of January 29, 2022, UK, Denmark, South Africa, Philippines

Also, we want to raise the issue of discrimination against the unvaccinated. As can be seen in Image 3 below, the UK only has a vaccination rate of 70.84%, while the US has 63.48%. Also, “Omicron-stricken” South Africa only has a vaccination rate of 27.54%. Despite their relatively “low” vaccine take-up (compared to other European countries), these countries have never imposed restrictions on the unvaccinated [see South African President: Workers May Refuse COVID Vaccines on Medical and Constitutional Grounds]. Meanwhile, highly vaccinated Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Austria have effectively cornered the unvaccinated, preventing them from taking part in society [see France has Toppled Liberty, Italy Makes “Green Pass” Mandatory for All Workers, Austria Has Fallen to Tyranny, Orders Lockdown for Unvaccinated, Germany is Excluding the Unvaccinated from Democracy].

The question we want to pose now is: what is the logic to all the decisions being made by governments today?

Image 2: Percentage of full vaccination in 10 countries, as of January 29, 2022

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