May 25, 2024

Germany is Excluding the Unvaccinated from Democracy


In this January 21, 2022 article for Spiked, Sabine Beppler-Spahl reports on the latest discrimination being experienced by the unvaccinated in Germany.

According to Beppler-Spahl, unvaccinated members of the German parliament (MPs) are not allowed to enter the plenary hall or participate in committee meetings. Beppler-Spahl adds that these restrictions could become stricter still, as only MPs who have had COVID in the past three months, not six, will be exempted from the vaccine mandate. The report also states that those who have not received booster doses are also required to present a negative COVID result every single day.

Beppler-Spahl concludes her article with these words: “Regardless of where one stands on vaccination, barring unvaccinated MPs from the Bundestag is an indictment of German parliamentary politics. This rule does not serve a public-health purpose. It serves a political purpose – to exclude, literally and symbolically, political opponents from the democratic process.”

Editor’s Note: Just how worse can vaccine mandates become? This article shows us that if we do not fight for bodily autonomy, we are also putting our democratic process in jeopardy. It shows us an extreme scenario where governments are allowed to circumvent the Constitution, and in the process, weaponize the vaccine to silence political discourse the way they have controlled scientific discourse.

Will we wait until our own capacity to vote has already been taken away from us, before we start speaking up against the illegality of vaccine mandates?

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