July 19, 2024

Why Are Investor Groups Dropping Out Of the Climate Action 100+?

Why Are Investor Groups Dropping Out Of the Climate Action 100+?

JPMorgan Chase, along with some institutional investors like BlackRock and State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) announced that they are quitting or substantially scaling back their involvement in the Climate Action 100+, a United Nations climate alliance among investor groups, formed to combat global warming through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments. JPMorgan Chase and SSGA are both exiting from the alliance and BlackRock is shifting its involvement to decarbonization initiatives.

BlackRock and SSGA says that the “alliance’s climate initiatives had gone too far, expressing concern about potential legal issues”. Meanwhile, SSGA says that the Phase 2 commitments asked by Climate Action 100+ “conflicted with the firm’s internal investing policies”.

Will Hild, Consumers Research’s executive director considers the departure of JPMorgan Chase and SSGA from Climate Action 100+ as a victory against the oppressive climate policies. He says, “JPMorgan, State Street, and BlackRock’s departure is a necessary step in the right direction, but consumers should wait to trust these companies again… By leaving the Climate Action 100+ climate cartel, they are signaling that the actions of millions of consumers and dozens of elected officials are having an effect”.

Meanwhile, several government leaders have previously spoken against Climate Action 100+ because some of their activities “infringe on government policymaking…harming domestic energy companies which employ thousands of Americans”.

Editor’s Note: The Climate Scam is crumbling, and it is because people have learned to research and speak up. [Also read Great News: EU Eases Demands in 2040 Climate Proposal Following Massive Farmer Protests, More Climate Scientists Chime In: Higher CO2 Levels Not A Problem, Here’s The Growing List of Failed Forecasts By “Climate Experts”].

This is a testament to the power of a united people – we can direct the course of our society if we remain focused on our higher goals. This is also the reason why globalists will strive to develop new crises and new points of disagreement. As long they can keep us arguing against each other, they win. But once we determine what our higher goal is for ourselves and our earth, then we will witness how humanity, and the societies we have created, will evolve. [Also read Climate Change: An Opportunity To Become More Conscious About The Way We Live, INNER WORK NEEDED TO ADVANCE TEAM HUMANITY, CCH FIGHTING FOR HUMANITY IN AN APOCALYPTIC WORLD: A Message for CCH Friends and Subscribers, Why Freedom Matters More Than Safety].

Remember: we are who we are waiting for. No other heroes are coming to save us. [Read Here’s Why False Hope is Global Tyranny’s Greatest Tool of Control].

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