June 20, 2024

American Journalism Headed Toward Extinction


In this article for The Atlantic, Paul Farhi discusses the recent wave of layoffs at the Los Angeles Times and reflects on the broader challenges facing the media industry.

The decline of legacy media has been ongoing for decades, but it is now coming to a turning point, as many local outlets are forced to close shop. According to Farhi’s research, “nearly all of the 2,900 newspapers have closed or merged”. The impact of this is tremendous.

A white paper by PEN America had this to say: “ “As local journalism declines, government officials conduct themselves with less integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness and corporate malfeasance goes unchecked…With the loss of local news, citizens are: less likely to vote, less politically informed, and less likely to run for office”.

Sewell Chan, editor-in-chief of the Texas Tribune likens the 2024 outlook for the news industry to the beginning of the 2008-09 Great Recession. He says, “I fear 2023-24 could be another extinction-level event”.

Editor’s Note: What was not mentioned in this article is that legacy media is failing because they have lost the trust of people. [Read WSJ Editor Complains at WEF: We No Longer Own The News, CNN technical director admits network used fear in COVID coverage to drive ratings up, Trusted News Initiative or Corrupted News Initiative? Mission: Systematic censorship of the world’s top public health experts]. They have been agents of propaganda and lies [read BEWARE: FAKE NARRATIVES IN THE WAR IN GAZA!, Report shows UK government tracks journalists who make freedom of information requests, YouTube and WHO to Censor Truthful Medical Information].

Mainstream media is important for shaping perception and supporting citizen action. No wonder globalists are doing everything they can to control it [see WEF Leaders More Worried About “Misinformation” Than War or Poverty, New WEF Documents Attempts to Define ‘Hate Speech’ and ‘Misinformation’ for Big Tech, Twitter Files Show How US Government Evaded Constitutional Provisions on Free Speech, Docs Offer Glimpse Into The Censorship Industrial Complex].

The failure of legacy media to completely dominate society is proof of our power of truth. It is also a testament to humanity’s innate knowing of what is true and what is not. If we do not lose our capacity for our inner voice, then there will always be hope for humanity [Also read Can our Sense for Truth be Quashed by Selective Fact-Checkers?].

To end this article, we would like to share with you this March 31, 2024, post from Elon Musk (Parody Account). The account asked: “Maybe I should just buy Fox News and CNN then shut them down. I’d be helping humanity. Thoughts?”

Followers of the parody account did not disappoint and offered some important insights. Here are a few of their responses:

  • Grace Gemini: “Why pay them to do something they are heading towards anyway?”
  • Jason: “Waste of money, IMO. It think they have dedicated, mentally immovable audiences which will migrate with personalities”.
  • T: “Deliver a high-quality news network. Deliver high-quality investigative journalism.”
  • BrujoHermoso: “Maybe an outlet that operates on promoting positive content? And that sends a good message for the people. The world needs a change. Considering the fact that Fox News and CNN clearly run a biased agenda for the same team, I’d say if you have the $ to make it happen, do it”.

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