April 12, 2024

In this February 13, 2024 special report, Danny Lewis explores how workplace security can be enhanced by biometrics. Companies can now go beyond face and fingerprint recognition to enable access to their systems. “Face images, liveness detection, iris scans, vein scans, heart rate,…biorhythms that uniquely mark you as you, and can be used for sign-in purposes”, says Andrew Shikiar, executive director of the Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO). FIDO develops digital security standards for companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. According to the article, these Big Tech companies now aim to reduce reliance on passwords through a more expanded use of biometrics.

The article also mentions some of the important concerns arising from the widespread use of biometrics including data security, access, and use of information.

Editor’s Note: We have repeatedly spoken about the dangers of centralized digitalization. First they they want to normalize biometric/digital IDs in workplaces. Later, they will roll out these technologies to keep entire societies under their control.

We encourage you to read the following to understand the implications of this article:

We also encourage our Filipino audience to watch this transmission: Kalayaan News Episode 29: Digital na Kulungan para sa mga Pinoy.

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