May 30, 2024

World Council for Health Releases Policy Brief Detailing the Effects of Unregulated Digitalization on Health and Democracy


The following is a 46-page policy brief released by the World Council for Health last August 2023 detailing the impact of digitalization on health and democracy. According to the document, “what is being presented as digitalization is a hype, an ideology and a guarantee for material profit and power that is not being questioned”. It is being sold as the only way forward for our societies.

The document says that the unquestioned policies of the widespread digitalization being pushed by the proponents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will lead to “detrimental physical and mental effects…, the erosion of the essential right to privacy and informational self-determination, the flourishing of illegitimate data mining and biometric surveillance, data safety concerns and threats posed by the Artificial Superintelligence arms race”.

The authors also offer some policy recommendations to address issues raised by the effects of the 4IR.

Editor’s Note: This policy document is important because it gives us an unbiased view of the impacts of the various initiatives under the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It shows us what is behind the shiny marketing campaigns for AI and the products of the 4IR, as well as unravel the lies that fuel the push towards greater digitalization. As long as our governments continue to ignore the issues being raised by the document below, digitalization will be a tool for oppression. It will exacerbate, instead of address, the issues that plague our societies.

Digitalization will weaponize our data and hand it over to the very individuals who seek to take away our freedom.

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