April 17, 2024

APA-Commissioned Study Showed COVID Lockdowns Led To Collective Trauma


The following press release summarizes the result of Stress in America, a nationwide survey commissioned by the American Psychological Association (APA) to determine the long-term impact of the COVID pandemic on the well-being and mental health of Americans.

According to the study, individuals aged 35 to 44 years suffered the most significant increase in chronic health conditions since 2019. The same age group also reported a 45% increase in mental health diagnoses in 2023.

The study also found that 24% of adults have self-reported stress levels ranging from 8 to 10, with 10 meaning the highest stress levels. Parents of children under 18 years were most likely to report that their stress was completely overwhelming most days (48%) while 42% reported that they are so stressed they feel numb. Around 41% of parents of children under 18 years reported that on most days they are so stressed they can’t function.

Editor’s Note: We must correct the notion that is being “sold” here by APA. It is not the COVID “pandemic” that has caused the collective trauma among Americans – it is the draconian policies implemented by governments. This distinction is important because it puts the accountability back to the government.

The implication of the results of this study is far-reaching because the current collective trauma is fertile ground for mass formation psychosis [read Mass formation psychosis responsible for society’s acceptance of illogical, unscientific, and unethical COVID restrictions]. The mental health issues being experienced as a result of the COVID hysteria are fertile ground for propaganda. With Americans backed into a corner, they are more than willing to just give up their decision-making capacity, and to simply allow the government to just do what they want to do.

If we are to reclaim our liberty and dignity, we must also reclaim our lives from fear. “They” will want to continue with the charade, to keep us in terror of the future, in order to keep us within their control. When we break free from the fear, we gain clearer eyes in assessing our path for the future.

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