July 22, 2024

Great Reset’s Depopulation Agenda, Now In Full Swing

Great Reset’s Depopulation Agenda, Now In Full Swing

A new analysis published by the Lancet journal has predicted that at least 75% of countries will experience baby busts by 2050. In this article for the Daily Mail, Luke Andrews explores the implication of this study to our current society.

According to Andrews the projected fall in birth rate means that countries will not be able to sustain their population sizes which could lead to societal catastrophe.

The study’s lead research scientist Dr. Natalia Bhattacharjee says that this trend will completely reconfigure the economy and the international balance of power. She says that governments must start planning for threats to economies, food security, health, the environment, and geopolitical security brought on by the demographic change.

Editor’s Note: While many are lauding the impending decline of the world population as an opportunity for the earth to recover, it isn’t as straightforward as some people think. A study conducted by Nature showed that a declining population leads to various challenges, including disruptions to basic services. And then there is also the problem of national security, and the economy [read Feehery: America’s coming depopulation bomb].

Depopulation and human is a major agenda of the Great Reset for a reason. We encourage you to read this article to understand this statement better: Understanding the Great Reset and Its Attack on Humanity, Part 3. Human Extinction. [Also read Another Conspiracy Theory Comes True: Study Shows Pfizer Shots Impairs Sperm Count, 82% of pregnant women vaccinated during first and second trimesters suffered a spontaneous abortion].

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