June 16, 2024

Great News: EU Eases Demands in 2040 Climate Proposal Following Massive Farmer Protests


Under pressure from farmers, the European Commission has revised its proposal for a new 2040 goal to cut greenhouse gas pollution. Key elements, such as a potential 30% reduction in agricultural pollution, suggestions for citizens to consume less meat, and ending fossil fuel subsidies, were removed from the plan. Farmers’ protests across Europe prompted this revision, with Germany witnessing significant demonstrations due to diesel subsidy cuts. The updated plan, subject to change, still aims for a 90% reduction in EU emissions by 2040, aligning with climate predictions. The new version emphasizes the positive role of agriculture in the EU’s “food sovereignty,” reflecting demands from influential political groups.

Editorโ€™s Note: While this is wonderful news, the article has left out the most important thing that has brought about this change in the EUโ€™s proposal. The farmer protests in Europe are MASSIVE [see FARMER REVOLT IN GERMANY MORE MASSIVE AND EFFECTIVE THAN REPORTED IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA. An Eyewitness Account from a German Executive].

According to Peter Imanuelsen, a Swedish journalist who has been covering the farmer protests since day 1, farmers from at least 17 countries have mobilized. The situation with the farmers is clear proof of our power to change the course of government policies. We are not powerless.

Here are a few of the videos from the front lines. Also, make sure to scroll below the videos to read the article summarized above.

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