May 29, 2024



Two days ago, we at Covid Call to Humanity (CCH) reported on the massive farmer protests that have started in Germany.[1] We knew it was massive. But we did not know that it was even more gigantic than we realized. True to its addiction to censorship, the mainstream media is either ignoring this very important development or reporting it in a way that does not do justice to what is really at stake. Suspicious that the mainstream media was not fully ventilating the concerns of the farmers and the extensive nature of the protests, I contacted a good friend of many years in Germany to get his on the ground perspective on what is happening. This friend of mine follows all kinds of German and global developments closely. Afterall, he was formerly the CEO of an international banking network in Germany and is now a consultant with different clients around the world. I asked him a series of questions. He was good enough to give me detailed and meaningful responses to these questions. I have the person’s permission to share his answers with the general public. The words in brackets are my editorial additions to make his answers cleared and more accurate.

Nicanor Perlas (NP): What is the current situation with the farmer’s protests in Germany?

German Executive (GE): “(This is a) huge protest, (I have) never seen such an (number) of tractors in the cities. For instance. in Munich, (there are) like 5,000 tractors (and) hundreds and thousands all over Germany. It’s huge. They are blocking highway access and centers in the cities.”

(NP) Why are they protesting?

GE: “Our government has decided to cut the tax advantage on diesel-fuel for tractors and farmers. They (the farmers) argue that this will lead many farmers into bankruptcy. Only farms with huge areas can survive. In such big farms, mainly in Eastern Germany, (the rich) have invested because of the increase in food prices worldwide. Small farmers will not be able to survive. This is their argument.”

NP: Why is the government doing this?

GE: “Well, they had decided that 60 Billion Euros originally destined for the pandemic are now being used for climate change support. The opposition party, the CDU, went to the Supreme Court to question this decision. The Supreme Court agreed and ruled that the government is not allowed to just re-direct the 60 billion Euros. “Now, the government has a huge problem: no money for many climate decisions and laws already made. So, they are trying to save money, here and there, amongst many areas including farmers diesel-fuel. The farmers demand that these savings from cutting of subsidies be restored (for the farmer’s benefit).”

NP: How is the mainstream media of Germany and the West covering it?

GE: “(They are) downplaying (the protest), but regional media needs to cover it, and is covering it, with pretty detailed information. (They write) where the tractors are and how to avoid getting stuck in traffic, and if you read these detailed information you get a feeling how huge it is. There are helicopters over Stuttgart the whole day. (The farmers) will continue their activities the whole week with a high-point (this coming) Friday

NP: Are farmers from other countries really joining the event?

GE: “I have not … determined that farmers from other countries are joining the activities in Germany, but farmers in other countries and doing similar activities. (This is happening) in the Netherlands for instance, in France and other EU countries.”

My friend then added some spontaneous comments that are important for others to know.

GE: “Of course the agriculture sector is one with the biggest subsidies (compared with other) sectors (of the European economy.). It’s a constant fight between EU and the farmers associations.“But (in addition to the concerns of farmers), there now is the overall negative mood in Germany regarding what the government does with us; cutting on all ends; spending billions for the Ukraine; letting energy cost rise high by letting Nord Stream pipeline go and cutting ties with Russia; pushing EV cars way too fast and so on. All these leads to Germany falling back. The economy is retracting. We are in a recession. The big car industry hardly can survive. Prices for cars are now way-up high. Many small shops are closing. The organic industry has seen the biggest reduction in revenues since years, and it goes on and on.“It is a tragedy, a big tragedy. And our government is now delivering weapons to Israel and Arabia and we are complicit with the genocide in Gaza. Our economy Minister Habeck, together with our foreign Minister Baerbock, are still saying that Ukraine can win the war and we should continue to deliver money and weapons. Our Chancellor Scholz is doing where the wind is strongest – (the western narrative of course), while all experts are explaining that the Ukraine has completely lost the war and that Russia is stronger than ever.“And on top of all these, we now have again a strike of the railway worker. (This only) increases the chaos and people are not creating value but destroying it further.”It is not clear how these protests will end. The farmers have vowed to continue with their protests until their demands are met. But one thing for sure, the citizens of Germany have awakened to the takeover by the New World Order of their economy, politics and society. And they are not taking it sitting down. The event is sending shudders into the very core of the lackeys of the New World Order.




  1. Even before this, life in Germany is hard. My aunt told me that decades ago, people in Germany don’t eat the end portions of pan breads. But lately, the Germans eat those portions. My sister-in-law’s told us that her aunt’s husband who is a German engineer, keep his money at home inside the refrigerator. We don’t know the reason why the money was not kept in the banks. Over taxation perhaps because a long time ago I have heard from the news that even owning a TV in Germany has a tax.

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