April 12, 2024

Moderna Scientists Raise Concerns About Toxicity Risks of mRNA Tech Used in Their COVID Vaccines


Scientists from Moderna have published a paper in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery raising concerns about the toxicity risks associated with the mRNA technology used in their COVID-19 vaccine. The authors insist that the vaccine is safe and effective but suggest the need for caution due to potential toxicities.

The article cited below is a review of the Nature article written by Dr. Robert Malone who is a key figure in mRNA technology. Malone expresses skepticism about the vaccines’ ability to prevent infection or transmission of the coronavirus, advocating instead for treating disease symptoms with available drugs. The author criticizes the lack of rigorous toxicological characterization of mRNA platform technology.

Malone concludes that the journal article represents a biased perspective from Moderna insiders and criticizes its publication by an organization associated with the World Economic Forum, accusing it of academic obfuscation and promoting funding for unproven concepts.

For those who want to review the actual journal article, you may request a copy of it here.

Editor’s Note: There’s nothing much we can say that Malone hasn’t said already, so we encourage you to read the article in full if you want to assess the veracity of his assessment. One thing is for sure though: those who believed that the “new” mRNA technology is “safe and effective” have been brainwashed by a well-oiled propaganda machine.

It will take more than an admission from Moderna to help them out of this programming, so let’s not think that this one article will change their minds. On the other hand, this is still a handy piece of information that we can use later on, particularly when they start to question their decisions.

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