June 16, 2024

Humans, the world over, are experiencing the continuous onslaught of the Great Reset agenda of the New World Order. We are still dealing with the Covid scams. Meanwhile, the New World Order has activated its climate hoax, draconian “disinformation” laws, Central Bank Digital Currencies, massive censorship, senseless wars, hijacking of democracies, and other totalitarian control measures.[1]Explore the extensive coverage by Covid Call to Humanity of these different attacks on humans.

Millions the world over have now awakened to the dictatorial and violent agenda of the Great Reset. Some can do something about it. They have joined Team Humanity in the latter’s fight against global genocide and control. But many others just continue to sit back and just accept the ongoing slaughter of humans and their freedoms, rights, and democratic institutions. 

Team Humanity

Team Humanity refers to all those humans who have taken concrete actions against the attack by the New World Order on humanity. The word, “Team Humanity” was first articulated in an interview on the Space platform of X where Elon Musk, Alex Jones, and others had a wide-ranging conversation on the state of the world.[2]See here. https://www.infowars.com/posts/sunday-lie-alex-jones-interviews-elon-musk-for-2-hours-live-learn-what-comes-next/ and … Continue reading

Several factors are driving this epidemic of apathy. One of these is the collapse of humanity’s inner human landscape after years of Covid lockdowns and psychological warfare directed at them by their governments. Millions are burdened by, among others, fear, paralysis, fatigue, hopelessness, depression, and physical illnesses due to the Covid shots. In the end, while they can be happy with the increasingly hopeful news, the latter developments are not strong enough to inspire them to meaningful action. 

It is therefore clear that to be part of Team Humanity and actively resist the New World Order’s Great Reset agenda in our own countries, we need to heal, nurture, and energize our inner capacities. In this way, we can begin the process of meaningfully solving the societal issues we confront. We cannot sit on the sidelines while the most important events for the future of humanity are unfolding before our eyes.

Sleep is Essential to Inner Transformation

Many will be surprised how proper sleep is vital to our intentions to create a better world. If we have good sleep, we begin and ultimately stop the cycle of depression. Lack of sleep fuels depressive thinking. When we are depressed, we cannot do anything meaningful.[3]See the book by Martin Seligman on Learned Optimism. https://www.amazon.com/Learned-Optimism-Change-Your-Mind-ebook/dp/B005DB6S7K

In addition, sleep restores the health of our immune system, replenishes our energy, and strengthens our mental focus and effectiveness in the world.  

For proper and restful sleep, we need to consider the following factors that can significantly affect our sleep. These are exposure to light and darkness; proper body temperature; the food we eat, how much and when; the use of caffeine, and the use of supplements. 

This is not a complete set of factors but these are more than enough to properly set our body clock in terms of proper sleep rhythm. Before we tackle each one in turn, we need to understand the three Critical Periods of the Waking/Sleeping biological rhythm of the human body. 

In what follows, I draw heavily upon the work of Dr. Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist from Stanford University. See his very helpful video on sleep on his YouTube channel.[4]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2aWYjSA1Jc&t=505s

However, what I will write below is not medical advice but a way to think about better ways of sleeping based on reported scientific findings. You will need to closely examine these practices and decide on your own whether you will follow them or not. Nonetheless, to be honest, I have tried these practices for some time and they have worked for me. Maybe they will also work for you. 

The Three Critical Periods of the Wake-Sleep Cycle

Critical Period 1 or CP1 is early to mid-morning. CP 2 is mid-morning to late afternoon. CP 3 is early evening to bedtime and sleeping time. We will now examine the key factors of light, warmth, caffeine, food, and supplements within the context of these three Critical Periods of the sleeping and waking cycle. 

Critical Period 1

Critical Period 1 begins the moment we wake up until 45 minutes to an hour after waking. Here are some key steps in managing this period to one’s advantage.  

     Exposure to Light and Dark

We need bright sunlight early in the morning, within 30-60 minutes after we wake up. Intense sunlight activates cortisol and releases it at the proper levels. 

We only often associate cortisol with stress. But, at appropriate levels, cortisol enhances our mental focus, activates our metabolic system to prepare for its tasks for the day, and supports the proper function of the immune system, 

Within the 30-60-minute window, we need to expose ourselves to bright sunlight for 3 minutes if there are no clouds. However, if partially cloudy, we need to look at the morning sun for 5 minutes. Do not look directly at the bright morning sun as that can cause damage to the retina of our eyes. Just look in the general direction of the sun. 

If mostly cloudy, we will need to expose ourselves to sunlight for at least 10 minutes. If raining, look at the direction of the sunlight for 20-30 minutes. 

This practice washes away any remaining adenosine, a biochemical compound that makes one sleepy or drowsy. In addition, this practice sets your biological clock that triggers the cascade of metabolic reactions in the body associated with one’s sleep pattern. 

     Body Temperature

We also need to increase our body temperature first thing in the morning. An increased body temperature triggers the release, at proper levels, of cortisol. Note the qualifier, “proper levels”. As mentioned above, cortisol is also known as the hormone released during stress. At excessive levels, cortisol can make you susceptible to many illnesses. 

At the proper levels as discussed above in connection with morning sunlight, cortisol enhances the functioning of our immune system, focuses our mind, and gears up various aspects of our metabolism that are needed for tasks that have to be done while we are awake. So we have both exposure to sunlight and proper warmth converging to remove sleep-inducing compounds in our bloodstream.

Increased body warmth also increases our adrenaline, which prepares us for action. Warmth also activates the release of dopamine, a neurochemical connected with motivation. 

We can increase body temperature in two ways. First, we may choose to take a cold shower for 1-3 minutes in the morning. The cold shower triggers an automatic response from our body to warm up.

If we do not want to do this, we can do a short walking exercise for the necessary length of time that would increase our body temperature. One may wish to combine this exercise with the practice of looking at the direction of the sun. 


Coffee is important because it helps us wake up faster if we are still feeling sleepy. It clears out any remaining biochemical compound that makes you sleepy.  However, it is important to avoid taking too much coffee. 

Caffeine interferes with adenosine, a natural biochemical that makes us sleepy. The longer we stay awake, the more our body creates adenosine and thus we become sleepier.  Caffeine interferes with adenosine function by occupying the receptors in our cells that adenosine normally binds to. Thus caffeine is an adenosine antagonist. 

From the perspective of supporting our sleep rhythm, the best time to drink coffee is 90 to 120 minutes after waking up. If we take more than one cup of coffee, then it would be best to take it before 3-4 pm at the latest. This will avoid spillover effects on the adenosine dynamics of our body. In total, take at most 100 milligrams of coffee per day if one wants better sleep. 

     Timing of Meals

Eating is an important tool to set our waking and sleeping bio-rhythm. Eating our first meal creates a cascade of biological events in our bodies. Together with the light of the sun and body warmth, eating triggers our biological clock to awaken us.

The advice of scientists is to eat early in the day unless we are doing intermittent fasting. Our body digests our food and gives us warmth. Other metabolic functions needed for the waking state are also activated. 

But do not eat too much. A light meal would suffice. Too much food will make our stomach divert blood to it and prevent blood from other parts of our body. This will make you sleepy. 

Critical Period 2

This period begins from mid-morning to late afternoon. 

Managing our relationship to light, warmth, and food is not critical at this point. We deal with them as we would daily. Nonetheless, avoid extreme polarities in one’s exposure to this aspect of our lives even if these over-exposures have little to do with our wake/sleep cycle. 

For example, if it is too hot, we can adjust the thermostat in our air-conditioner.  We also do not over-eat or splurge on junk food. 

We need to be careful with our use of caffeine. It would be ideal not to have caffeine during this time of day.

One can also nap during the early afternoon if one feels tired especially if one has been doing a lot of mental and physical work. However, do not take long naps and do not take them in the latter part of the afternoon. This will disturb one’s wake-sleep cycle. 

A 15 to 30-minute nap should suffice. This will avoid feeling weak, groggy, sleepy, and grumpy. These feelings result from oversleeping. 

Critical Period 3

This period begins with sunset until one sleeps at night and through the night. 

Dawn or morning light is the first marker that sets our bio-clock. The light of sunset is the second biological marker for our body. It indicates to the body what time of the day it has entered. 

The wavelengths of light and their proportions are different during sunset as compared with the beginning of the day. This translates to cues in our body to tell the latter what part of the day it is now embedded in and behaves accordingly in terms of its proper metabolic response.

We can set this second marker in our biological clock by spending 5 to 10 minutes looking at the sun as it sets. 

This is very important as it partially inoculates one from the wakening effect of artificial light during night-time. Artificial lights eliminate the sleep-related molecule, melatonin, and wake one up. During the night, avoid bright artificial lights of any color.

One can dim one’s lights during the night. One way to do this is to place one’s desk lamp on the floor. One may also use candles for one’s light if that is convenient. The key point is to avoid the brightness of artificial light during the night. 

Also, avoid exercising during the night. It warms one’s body unnecessarily. A warm body temperature wakes one up and makes it difficult to sleep. The ambient temperature needs to be around 2-3 degrees Centigrade cooler to enable one to sleep better. 

Surprisingly, one may take a warm shower in the evening. This will trigger a cooling response from our body. This will facilitate our sleep later on because our body needs a cooler temperature to sleep. 


Dr. Huber continues to discuss supplements and non-pharmaceutical aids to sleep. I will not deal with that here. I will only mention that melatonin, at the proper dosage, 5 milligrams in my case, has helped me achieve good restful sleep. You may wish to experiment with your own, smaller dosage. There are other benefits to using melatonin but I will not deal with it here. 

Concluding Thoughts

The next year, 2024, will see even more challenges for humanity. If we want to be part of the solution, if we want to be part of Team Humanity, instead of Team Reset, we need to first be truly part of our highest potential as a true human. Only when we are ready and strong inside, will be ready and strong outside to meet whatever challenges face us and humanity. 

An important beginning step in this process of inner strengthening is to ensure that we have enough sleep. For to truly face the world with integrity, honor, and courage, we need to take care of the bodily processes in ourselves that would ultimately grant us the power to face the world with creativity. steadfastness, dedication, and fearlessness.

We have no time to lose. The world awaits our involvement.

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