April 12, 2024

WHO’s “One Health” Ideology is Pushing Towards Totalitarianism


In this June 1, 2012 commentary for The Epoch Times, Dr. David Bell delves into the concept of the “One Health” ideology that is being promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO). Bell suggests that the idea of “One Health”, which was initially centered on wholistic health and human benefit, has been hijacked for politics and profit.

Bell says that “One Health” has now become an ideology that then devalues human life. He states, “Within this ‘equitable’ worldview, humans have become a pollutant…Humans become a plague upon the earth, and their restriction, impoverishment, and death may therefore be justified for a greater good”.

Bell says that the hijacked version of “One Health” has been designed to “control the masses”. He says that the only way we can defeat this evil is by exposing it. He says, “We shouldn’t fear public health or a holistic view of the world. They’re ours and can be a force for good. Rather, we should expose the hollowness of the people who subvert them, driven by their own greed and barren ideologies”.

Editor’s Note: The article is important because it gives us a clearer insight on the role of the WHO in bringing the world into full totalitarian control. Those who seek to become our “overlords” want us to live in contempt of ourselves and distrust of other human beings. As they try to promote “equity”, they are hoping to devalue human life and the miracle of human birth.

But people are awake. Many have already seen what their game plan is, and more and more citizens around the world are becoming vigilant [see Canadian Prime Minister flees as 50,000 truckers arrive at Ottawa for Freedom Convoy, Massive Demonstrations Hit Europe. France and Germany Take the Lead, OVER 300 PROTESTORS HELP DELAY APPROVAL OF SB 1869. PASSAGE OF BILL HIGHLY UNLIKELY AS SENATE DELIBERATIONS ENTERS LAST DAY ON MAY 31, 2023].

With the failure of globalists to pass the International Health Regulations (IHR), and the Pandemic treaty, the actors that hope to enslave humanity are now co-opting our own governments to pass laws that will effectively hand over our sovereignty to an unelected organization like the WHO [See BRIEFING PAPER ON SB1869: Why SB1869 APPROVAL NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW AND THE BILL RADICALLY REVISED, WE HAVE TO STOP THIS! The Senate is Rushing the Approval of SB 1869. This is a Digital Prison for Filipinos, Controlled by the WHO, Aided by Our Treacherous Government Which Will Surveil Us 24/7, and watch PUBLIC SEMINAR EP. 76: SB 1869 in Light of Dramatic World Events].

They will once again, try to use fear and manipulation to make us cower in silence. They will use their tried and tested instruments to push us into submission. To fight back, we must also use our most effective tools: truth, hope, and courage.

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