May 30, 2024

Massive Demonstrations Hit Europe. France and Germany Take the Lead


In Germany and France, workers are protesting and causing disruptions. In Germany, major strikes led by workers demand better pay and working conditions, which could cause further disruption to the already struggling German economy. Meanwhile, France is also experiencing protests and unrest due to the unpopular pension reforms led by French President, Emmanuel Macron.

Editor’s Note:  Finally the Great Awakening has reached Europe not only in words but also in deeds. This is scary for the powers-that-be. This is a sign that citizens in Europe will no longer tolerate the abuse that their leaders are imposing on them. ;

Mainstream media tends to ignore these protests. If they do cover it, then they de-emphasize elements of the protest related to widespread discontent with their country’s stand on the war in Ukraine. This is not to de-emphasize the importance of the issues covered by the mainstream press.

 However, no matter how they “massage” the reality, they will never fully suppress the truth that people in Europe are fed up with their leaders who really do not care about them.

For example, the German foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, has blatantly stated that she does not care how the public in Germany feel. Germany has made a commitment to support an all-out war on Russia in Ukraine and it will stick to that unpopular decision no matter what the public says. [  .]

Welcome to the new style of 21st century democracy. Get yourself into power on the basis of false promises and, once in power, ignore all the citizens who voted for you. This is not democracy. This is the new face of totalitarianism.

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