June 14, 2024

CDC Updates Vaccine Information: Is It Admitting That mRNA Shots and Spike Protein Are Harmful?


Following the release of the latest guidance on COVID from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), online users have also noticed that the CDC has quietly updated its vaccine information page entitled Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines.

Last July 22, 2022, in the section of the article on “Facts About mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines”, the CDC states that “The mRNA and the spike protein do not last long in the body”. The next day, July 23, 2022, these words were already deleted.

Editor’s Note: This development is significant particularly since the science showing that the spike proteins linger and accumulate in the body has been available as early as 2021 [Read Ground-breaking autopsy report shows the vaccinated had toxic spike proteins all over the body and Inventor of mRNA vaccine technology confirms immune escape and dangers of spike proteins, COVID vaccine researcher admits says spike protein is a dangerous toxin].

Why did it take the CDC a long time to acknowledge this fact?

While CDC’s update is not YET an admission that the spike proteins are dangerous, it is only a matter of time before they do so. When evidence of the damage caused by the mRNA shots becomes overwhelming, they will be forced to admit that they “made a mistake” in experimenting on society. [Those vaccine damages are going to appear soon, read Salk Institute: The spike protein damages cells and causes vascular disease even without a virus, Studies Link COVID Shots to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder, Pfizer’s Assassin Vaccine, Data Suggests Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Due To Vaccines, Pfizer Document Awakened Pro-Vax Dr. John Campbell, Psychiatric Disorder Following Pfizer COVID Jab, Not a Rare Case, VigiAccess Has Recorded Thousands of Cases, Experimental mRNA vaccines could cause long term chronic illnesses, Evidence: No COVID Vials Are Safe,  Covid-Injection Program Should be Terminated Immediately].

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